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Bike Lights 

Proper bike lights make your cycling trips much safer. First of all, you'll be able to see more in the dark. But perhaps more importantly, other road users will be able to see you as well. Depending on where you cycle, you can choose from different types of bike lights. A headlight or tail light for a city bike doesn't need to be as bright as a light for a road biker. Besides bike lights for nighttime, day bike lights are becoming increasingly popular. This will ensure you're highly visible during the day as a mountain biker or road biker. Read our bike lights buyer's guide to learn all about different types of bike lights.
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What types of bicycle lights are there?

There are many different forms of bicycle lighting. The most common are front lights and rear lights. There are also specific road bike lights and MTB lights. Of course, there are also lights for e-bikes and city bikes.

What are the legal requirements for bicycle lighting?

Roughly speaking, it comes down to the fact that you must always have a light on between sunset and sunrise. The only condition is that you do not bother other cyclists or road users. You can read all the official rules in the Bike Lights Buyer’s Guide.

What does the number of lumens say about a bike light?

The amount of light emitted by your lamp is expressed in lumens. The higher the number of lumens, the more light your lamp will emit. You have bike lights from 0-100 lumens, but also bike lights of more than 800 lumens! It just depends on what you need.

Why should I use daytime running lights?

Daytime running lights are becoming increasingly popular. This kind of lighting comes in handy when the bicycle path is on the road surface, with no separation. In such a case, it is very handy to be well lit. Daytime running lights are very bright and blink irregularly, making you extra visible to oncoming motorists.

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