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Bike Lights

Proper bike lights make your cycling trips much safer. First of all, you'll be able to see more in the dark. But perhaps more importantly, other road users will be able to see you as well. Depending on where you cycle, you can choose from different types of bike lights. A headlight or tail light for a city bike doesn't need to be as bright as a light for a road biker. Besides bike lights for nighttime, day bike lights are becoming increasingly popular. This will ensure you're highly visible during the day as a mountain biker or road biker. Read our bike lights buyer's guide to learn all about different types of bike lights.

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Bontrager Ion Pro RT Front Bike Light

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Bontrager Flare RT Rear Bike Light

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Bontrager Flare R City

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Bontrager Ion 200 RT / Flare RT Light Set

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Bontrager Ion 200 RT Front Bike Light

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Bike lights for every bike type | Large selection

Bicycle lights are one of the most important parts of your bike. This may sound strange, because you can just use your bike without bike lights. For your own safety though, good bike lights on your city bike, e-bike, road bike or mountain bike should not be missing. A good bike light not only helps you see the road better yourself, it is perhaps even more important that your fellow road users can see you well. That's how you avoid accidents!

What types of bike lights do you have?

To be well seen by motorists and other cyclists, proper bike lights are very important. This way, you will always be clearly visible from the front and the back. To be highly visible from the front, we offer a large range of headlights. We also have many rear lights in our range. Of course, we also have light sets, which will help you succeed in one go.

For what bikes do you have suitable bike lights?

At Mantel, our goal is to satisfy every cyclist! This is reflected in our wide range of bike headlights and rear lights. We find it important that every cyclist is safe on the road, which is why we have suitable lighting for every bike. You can come to us for: On these pages, you can then easily navigate to the headlights and rear lights for the bike in question.

When should I turn on my bike lights?

There are quite a few legal requirements when it comes to bikw lights. If you do not comply with these, you risk a fine. Which makes sense, because without proper bicycle lighting, you are a danger to yourself and others. Roughly speaking, you must have your lights on between sunset and sunrise. You just must not inconvenience other road users with your bike lights. The official rules differ from country to country, but generally include:
  • Between sunset and sunrise, you must have bike lights on your bike.
  • In fog or other situations where you have poor visibility, bike lights should also be lit.
  • Your rear light must be red and your front light must be white or yellow.
  • Your bike lights must be clearly visible, i.e. not obstructed by a bike basket or pannier bag.
  • You may have a maximum of 1 front light and 1 rear light.
  • Bicycle lights must not flash.

What does the amount of lumens mean when it comes to my bike lights?

The number of lumens you often see on bike lights is a number that indicates the brightness of your headlight. This number says everything about the power of a bike light. You can divide the number of lumens into different categories, namely bike lights to:

How long will my bike lights' battery last?

How long your bike lights last has to do with the power source you use to power them. For example, you have headlights and rear lights that are AA or AAA battery-powered. In addition, you also have bicycle lights and rear lights with an internal battery, which is rechargable. On average, battery-operated bike lights last between 50 and 100 hours. Lights with an internal battery don't last as long on average, but don't need new brand batteries every time. So think about how long you will need your lights and how often you would like to recharge them. Important tip: always switch off your lights when you are no longer cycling. This is often forgotten!

Why should I use daytime running lights?

Daytime running lights are becoming increasingly popular. This type of lighting comes in handy when the cycle path is on the carriageway, without a separation. In such a case, it is very convenient to have good lighting. Daytime running lights are very bright and flash irregularly, making you extra visible to car drivers following behind.

What is the best bike light?

At Mantel, you can be sure that you are buying good bike lights. All the brands we offer meet the safety requirements and ensure that you can hit the road safely. Here are some of the brands we offer:

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