Child Bike Seats

Child bike seats come in various types and sizes and with different mounting systems. A front bike seat is suitable for children aged 9 months to 3 years with a maximum weight of 15 kilograms. A rear bike seat can be used for children aged 2 and up. Our selection includes front and rear child bike seats from Yepp, Bobike, Urban Iki, Thule and more. You can upgrade your child bike seat with an adapter, windscreen and other useful accessories.
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Rear Child Bike Seats
Front Child Bike Seats
Child Seat Mounts

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Yepp Wind Shield
33.80 25.70

Yepp Sleeping Roll
25.40 From 16.20

Yepp Ahead adapter
17.50 15.99

Yepp Seat Post Adapter
27.00 22.20

Basil Flower Garland
7.60 6.00

Yepp Raincover Maxi
13.50 11.10

XLC Voetsteun op Buis
11.80 10.20

Yepp Footrest Steps
22.00 17.90