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Bike Chain Selection Guide

Bike Chain Selection Guide

Bike Chains

A bicycle chain is perhaps the most important part of your bicycle. A worn bike chain does not make for a pleasant bike ride: the chain can skip and even causes your cassette and chainrings to wear out more quickly. Replacing a bike chain on time is therefore sensible. We have bike chains for all gears and bikes, from road and mountain bike chains to chains for electric bikes. We also have the loose parts for your bike chain, such as missing links, power links and chain connector pins, in stock. Need help with your choice? Follow our Chain Selection Guide.
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KMC X11EL 11 Speed Chain
From 32.10
RRP 40.30

KMC X11 11 Speed Chain
From 19.10
RRP 22.30

Shimano SLX M7100 12 Speed Chain
From 28.70
RRP 32.60

KMC X10EL 10 Speed Chain
From 20.80
RRP 33.30

KMC X10 10 Speed Chain
RRP 23.20

KMC X11 Silver/Black Chain
From 25.20
RRP 31.20

KMC X8 Silver/Grey Chain
RRP 15.30

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Bike Chains | Wide range of chains & chain parts

When you're buying a bike chain for your road or mountain bike, a lot of questions may come up. Below you will find the most frequently asked questions and their answers. This way, you'll have no problem finding the right bike chain.

Should the speed of the chain be the same as the rest of my groupset?

The short answer is yes. This means that an 11 speed bike chain only fits onto an 11 speed cassette, chain rings, et cetera. The same goes for 10 speed, 9 speed and 8 speed bike chains.

Can I install a Shimano bike chain if my group set is a different brand?

A Shimano bike chain is designed for Shimano parts. Our advice is to only use a Shimano bike chain on a bike that is spec'd with Shimano parts.

Can I install a Shimano bike chain if my group set is of a different brand?

A Campagnolo bike chain is designed specifically for Campagnolo parts. So, you can use this bike chain on Campagnolo group sets but not in combination with a Shimano or SRAM groupset, unfortunately.

Can I install a SRAM bike chain if my group set is of a different brand?

Een SRAM bike chain is designed specifically for SRAM parts. Our advice is to only use this bike chain for bikes finished with SRAM equipment, not for bikes finished with Shimano or Campagnolo equipment.

What size bike chain do I need?

The easiest way to find out what size you need is to lay it flat next to your previous bike chain. Please note that the number of links should be the same, so the old chain will be a bit longer. If doing this is not an option, in this blog you can read more about the right bike chain length.

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