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Child Bike Seats


Child bike seats come in various types and sizes and with different mounting systems. A front bike seat is suitable for children aged 9 months to 3 years with a maximum weight of 15 kilograms. A rear bike seat can be used for children aged 2 and up. Our selection includes front and rear child bike seats from Yepp, Bobike, Urban Iki, Thule and more. You can upgrade your child bike seat with an adapter, windscreen and other useful accessories.

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Rear Child Bike Seats
Rear Child Bike Seats
Front Child Bike Seats
Front Child Bike Seats
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Child Seat Mounts
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Urban Iki Junior Rear Child Seat

Our choice for a rear-mounted bike seat suitable for children aged 5 to 10 years

Thule Yepp Wind Shield

RRP 195,50

Thule Yepp Sleeping Roll

RRP 108,50
From 87,80

Bobike Bar Adapter

RRP 91,30

Bobike Windscherm Go

RRP 173,90

XLC Rugleuning bagagedrager

RRP 56,30

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Looking to buy a child bike seat? Mantel offers a wide range.

A bike seat is an absolute must-have when you want to take your child out for a bike ride. Even for short and simple daily rides to the supermarket or day care centre, you want to get from A to B as safely as possible with your child. If you’re wondering which bike seats are available and which one is best for your child, we offer a complete overview here.

When to use a front bike seat

When your child is between 9 months and 3 years old, a front bike seat is most suitable. It is mounted on the handlebar of your bike, and its greatest advantage is that you can see your child. Another advantage is that the rear luggage carrier remains free for other accessories such as a pannier bag or bike basket. That being said, steering can be somewhat more difficult with a front child seat because the seat restricts your freedom of movement.

When to use a rear bike seat

A rear-mounted bike seat is the ideal way to transport your child when it is a little older, that is, from the age of 2 onward. Rear child bike seats offer additional support for children up to approximately 6 years old. Extra strong child seats have a maximum capacity of 35 kg and are recommended for children between 5 and 10 years of age. One of the advantages of a rear-mounted child bike seat is that the weight rests on the luggage rack and not on the handlebar like a front-mounted seat. It is important to check the weight limit of your luggage rack. If the seat plus child is too heavy, you can consider buying a rear bike seat that can (also) be mounted to the seat tube.

Which accessories are available for child bike seats?

The front or rear child bike seat itself is often not your only purchase. To ensure a carefree ride for your child in the front seat, you can add a windscreen to prevent insects, gravel or dirt hitting the child. For an even better use of your front or rear bike seat you can purchase functional or decorative accessories; pamper your child with a sleeping roll or decorate your bike seat with a flower garland.

Which child bike seat is right for my child?

When buying a child bike seat, an important choice is between a front and a rear seat. The choice between these two types of seats depends primarily on the child’s age and weight.