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Double Panniers

Double panniers hang on both sides of your luggage carrier. You can take twice as much with these panniers. Cheaper double panniers are suitable if you only use the panniers for daily shopping. We also have waterproof panniers if you want to make longer day trips by bike ond double panniers for e-bikes. If you want to take a lot of luggage with you, there are also larger double panniers.
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Ortlieb Back Roller Classic

Our choice for an all-round pannier

Gazelle Double Pannier E-bike

RRP 530,10
Our choice for a double pannier bag with MIK

Basil Tour Pannier

RRP 243,00
From 223,40
Our choice for a bike bag for daily use

Thule Shield Pannier Double

RRP 574,30
From 263,90

Basil Urban Load Pannier

RRP 243,00
From 178,70

Basil City Double Pannier

RRP 287,20
From 201,00

Vaude Aqua Front

RRP 618,70
Green choice

Urban Proof Recycled Panniers

RRP 287,20
Green choice

Basil Discovery 365D Pannier

RRP 243,00
From 201,00

Basil Sports Design Pannier

RRP 375,60
From 254,70

Basil Boheme Pannier

RRP 375,60

New Looxs Nova Double Pannier

RRP 401,90
From 268,10

Basil Elegance

RRP 375,60

New Looxs Vigo Pannier

RRP 371,00

Basil Miles Double Pannier

RRP 441,90
From 290,50

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