Bike Tools


Having the right tools makes bike maintenance fun. A well appointed toolbox of bike tools or a good multi-tool for the road is essential. We have everything you need to do your own bike maintenance. Get the right (bike) tools for the job!

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Chains & Cassettes
Cranks & Bottom Brackets
Pedal Tools
Tyres & Wheels
Forks & Headset
Frames & Brakes
Bleeding Kits & Disc Brake Fluids
Allen Keys & Spanners
Multi Tools
Torque Wrenches
Workshop Accessories
Tool Kits

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Shimano Mineral oil
47,00 From 37,90

Shimano Bleeding Kit
155,30 128,40

Pro Cassette Removal Set
160,10 141,80

Schwalbe Tyre Levers
23,10 14,20

Schwalbe Easy Fit
32,90 23,80

Pro Bottom Bracket Press
211,90 190,40

Fuxon Torque Wrench
329,40 285,70

Elite Byasi Toolbox
37,60 From 33,30

Quarq Shockwiz
1643,50 1329,60

Cyclus Bearing Cup Press
305,90 261,90