Bike Tools

Bike tools turn bike maintenance into a fun task. A proper toolbox filled with bike tools or a multitool for when you're out riding are essential. We've got everything you need to maintain your own bicycle. High-quality bike tools are vital to achieve this. Torque wrenches, bracket tools, cassette removal tools, Rockshox, Fox, Shimano, and Magura bleeding kits, but items such as missing link pliers or assembly paste are part of our range of products as well. For true bike mechanics we also have full bike tool kits and bike tool cases!
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Shimano Bleeding Kit
150,00 114,80

Pro Cassette Removal Set
154,50 124,20

Topeak Nano Torqbar
136,20 124,00

Rock Shox Suspension Pump
204,40 160,80

Pro Torque wrench Set
545,50 390,90

Schwalbe Tyre Levers
22,30 18,40

Pro Torque wrench
286,40 230,00

Topeak Mini 18+ Multi Tool
113,40 105,60

Pro Expert
1541,30 1375,70

SRAM Pro Bleed Kit
463,70 349,50

Fuxon Torque Wrench
318,00 275,80

Rock Shox Digital Pump
381,90 225,50

Schwalbe Easy Fit
31,80 23,00