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In need of road bike tyres? We've got all popular tyres for road bikes. The most popular road bike tyres are currently the Continental Grand Prix 5000, Schwalbe One, Pirelli P Zero, and the Vittoria Corsa. With a new tyre on your road bike, you'll last for thousands of miles to come. In addition, we've got a wide range of inner tubes for road bikes.

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Which are good road bike tyres for me?

Tyres can be roughly divided according to four characteristics. These are: speed (low rolling resistance), puncture resistance, grip, and wear resistance. All this depends on the composition and material used in the tyre. Which tyre is right for you depends on your requirements. To help you, we have created this Selection Guide.

At which tyre pressure should I ride?

Each road bike tyre has a minimum required and maximum tyre pressure. These are usually printed on the tyre itself. Also, carbon wheels in particular have their own maximum tyre pressure. At which tyre pressure you should ride depends on your body weight, the tyre width and the rim width. In this blog we explain how to determine your ideal tyre pressure.

Which tyre width fits my road bike?

Bikes with rim brakes can usually accommodate road bike tyres up to 25 mm wide. Bikes with disc brakes can also accommodate 28 mm, 30 mm and, in some cases, even 32 mm wide road bike tyres. If you want tyres that are one size wider than your current tyres, check whether there is more than half a centimetre space between your current tyres and the frame. Or check the specifications of your bike to find the maximum tyre width.

Which size tyres do I need?

Most road bikes have 28 inch wheels. Just to be sure, check whether 28, 700c or 622 is printed on your tyre. These are different sizing standards which refer to the diameter or circumference of the wheel.

What are the pros & cons of riding tubeless?

With tubeless tyres your rolling resistance is lower. Also, they are more comfortable because they allow you to ride at lower tyre pressure. In addition, as smaller punctures are automatically sealed from within, you are less likely to get a flat tyre. The disadvantages include the fact that these tyres are more difficult to mount and require more maintenance than tyres with inner tubes. And if you do get a flat tyre because of a larger puncture, it takes more work to put in an inner tube or to repair the puncture.