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Bike tyres for all bicycle types, ranging from city bikes to road bikes and mountain bikes. Easily compare, pick and buy tyres, inner tubes, tubulars, and tyre accessories. Mantel has all kinds of tyres, whether they're road bike tyres, mountain bike tyres, cyclocross tyres or city bike tyres, we've got you covered.
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Top Seller

Schwalbe SV15 Inner Tube
From 21,80
RRP 37,80
Stack discount

Continental Race 28 Inner Tube
From 21,70
RRP 38,00
Stack discount

Schwalbe SV17 Inner Tube
From 28,80
RRP 42,60

Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyre
From 125,70
RRP 191,00

Schwalbe Pro One TLE Road Bike Tyre
From 208,00
RRP 334,60

Schwalbe One TLE Road Bike Tyre
From 183,80
RRP 286,70