Road Bike Power Meters


Looking to buy a road bike power meter? We have a wide range to offer you with popular brands such as Garmin, Stages, Favero, Shimano, Rotor, Quarq and 4iiii. Any pro peloton could not imagine riding without power meters but among recreational cyclists we also see an increasing number of them being used during training rides. With the knowledge about how you use your power you can train with a more specific focus and take your performance to a higher level. Collect all your data in an app and analyse your training rides and races!

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4iiii Precision Ultegra R8000 Power Meter
1619,30 1385,20
Countdown Deal

4iiii Precision 105 R7000 Left Power Meter
1387,30 1150,40
Countdown Deal

Rotor INPOWER DM Power Meter
3243,30 From 2953,50

Stages Ultegra R8000 Left Power meter
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Stages Ultegra R8000 L/R Gen 3 Double-sided power meter
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Garmin Rally RS Power Meter
3015,90 From 2718,70

Stages 105 R7000 Power Meter
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Quarq Sram AXS D1 Power Meter
2069,40 1873,50

Quarq DFOUR Dub Power Meter
2779,30 1479,10

Garmin Rally RK Power Meter
3015,90 From 2765,70

Stages Dura-Ace R9100 Gen 3 Power Meter
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Stages Cannondale Si HG Gen 3 Power Meter
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Rotor InSpider DM Power Meter
3011,30 2864,30

Rotor Inpower Power Meter
4032,00 3751,70

Stages Dura-Ace R9100 L/R Gen 3 Double-sided Power Meter
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Stages GRX RX-810 Left Power Meter
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Stages Sram GXP Road Gen 3 Power Meter
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee