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Electronic Shifting


Electronic shifting is becoming more and more commonplace on both road bikes and mountain bikes. An electronic groupset can change gears smoother and quicker. On top of that, the system is also even more accurate. Batterylife isn't something you have to worry about with modern electronic groupsets. Most will last for hundreds of kilometers before you even have to start considering recharging them. We've also got various separate components and spare parts for electronic groupsets, so if ever something needs replacing; we've got it right here.

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Shimano Di2 E-tube EW-SD50 Wire
132,00 From 97,90

Shimano XT M8050 DI2 Shifter
572,80 From 490,50

Sram Red eTAP Battery
242,40 205,00

Sram eTAP AXS BlipBox
1763,20 1449,60

Shimano MT800 Di2 Display
749,30 575,50

Shimano R785-RS805 Di2 Gear Shifterset
3667,50 2538,30

Sram Red eTAP BlipGrip
88,20 80,30

Sram eTAP Powerpack
313,00 253,40