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Electronic Shifting


Electronic shifting is becoming more and more commonplace on both road bikes and mountain bikes. An electronic groupset can change gears smoother and quicker. On top of that, the system is also even more accurate. Batterylife isn't something you have to worry about with modern electronic groupsets. Most will last for hundreds of kilometers before you even have to start considering recharging them. We've also got various separate components and spare parts for electronic groupsets, so if ever something needs replacing; we've got it right here.

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Shimano Ultegra R8100 Di2 Disc Groupset

RRP 2 591,13
From 1 574,60

SRAM Rival eTap AXS Disc Groupset

RRP 1 434,32
From 1 046,01
Top Deal

SRAM GX Eagle Transmission AXS T-type Groupset

RRP 1 321,49
Top Deal


RRP 426,94
From 303,94

SRAM Red eTAP AXS 12 Speed Upgrade Kit

RRP 2 252,63
From 1 523,78


RRP 64,04

SRAM Rival 1 Wide DUB Crankset

RRP 172,81

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Electronic gear changing

A few years ago, it was still an unaffordable luxury that only the professional cyclists could afford. But technical developments have made the technology not only better, but also more reliable and cheaper. It's still not really cheap, but the electronic shift groups are increasingly within the budget of the fanatical amateur.

Why electronic shifting?

Electronic shifting was at its introduction a bit of a gimmick. What were the advantages, many people wondered. But in the meantime, the pros have a lot to say about it. For example, switching gears is faster, more precise and you run less risk of, for example, removing your chain at an inattentive moment. But there are more advantages. Even when the derailleur of your mountain bike is covered in mud, you can still shift gears. This is something you might have trouble doing with old-fashioned cables.

Shimano and Sram electronic groupsets

At the moment it is mainly Shimano and Sram who are working hard with their electronic shifting groups. At Shimano, it can mainly be found in the Ultegra and Dura Ace series. Sram has a lot more electronic groupsets: Rival, Force and Red for Road and XX1, X01 and GX for MTB.