Zipp road bike wheels are known for their high quality. Many professional cyclists ride around with Zipp road bike wheels. Zipp continuously innovate the technology behind their road bike wheels, making them a little better every year. The characteristic golf ball pattern on the rim of Zipp's road bike wheels is one of the most distinctive and eye-catching features that allows you to cycle even faster. Of course, in addition to the road bike wheels themselves, Zipp supplies many different individual parts you need for your road bike wheels.

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The best road bike wheels

Zipp has grown as a brand because of its road bike wheels. With an appealing name and high-quality products, the brand has established itself as one of the most sought-after suppliers. Due to innovations of the golf ball pattern in the wheelsets, it dominates the market as the wheelset with the best aerodynamics. With a distinctive range and clear characteristics, it is a brand for lovers of speed.

Golf ball pattern

By introducing the golf ball pattern on the rims, they cut through the wind more easily. As a result, Zipp has set a high standard for years as the most aerodynamic brand on the market. However, this has only been applied to the higher-end wheelsets, as production costs drove the price up. As a result, most wheelsets in the higher segment have a fairly high entry price, compared to other major brands. Fortunately, Zipp also offers wheelsets without the golf ball pattern technology for a more reasonable price.


The Zipp NSW program is the top segment and is made with one goal in mind: The best in aerodynamics. Without any compromise, these wheelsets have been designed have been tested in the wind tunnel. Only the Zipp 303, 404 and 808 are available in the NSW range.

Mantel's collection

At Mantel we offer a wide range of Zipp products. From the entry-level to the triathlete who demands the best in aero, we've got it covered. Zipp has decent entry-level models, which are slightly higher in price than other brands. But the brand mainly excels in the higher segment. We can offer the best racing wheels for a competitive price, so that you can push your limits time and time again.