Frame Locks

A frame lock can be found on almost every city bicycle in the Netherlands, and we expect it being just as useful in the English speaking parts of the world. A frame lock is mounted on the frame so you can always lock your bike, and even when your bike has no screw holes there are adapters for sale. Furthermore, a frame lock does not make a rattling sound and it does not damage the paint of the bicycle. A disadvantage of this lock is that it often does not offer enough protection against theft: your bike can be carried into a van even while locked with a frame lock. That is why we always advise to use a secondary lock to secure your bike to a tree or lamp post. Fortunately, many frame locks have the option of an insert chain or cable.
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AXA Block XXL Frame Lock

RRP 42,64
From 28,41

AXA Defender Frame Lock

RRP 40,61
From 27,40

AXA Solid xl Frame Lock

RRP 36,54
From 20,28

AXA Solid Plus Frame Lock

RRP 39,59
From 24,35

AXA Ren II Frame Lock

RRP 21,30
From 17,23

AXA Victory Frame Lock

RRP 52,81
From 35,53

AXA Imenso Large Frame Lock

RRP 53,82
From 43,66

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