Cycling Backpacks

Cycling backpacks are designed to feel comfortable while cycling. In addition, some cycling backpacks have a built-in water reservoir. A proper cycling backpack doesn't chafe and provides ventilation for your back. Combining comfortable straps with great ventilation is key for most cyclists. Nearly all cycling backpacks have a hydration system or can fit one. You won't have to reach for your water bottle anymore: a sip of fresh water is always near.
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Vaude Big Bike Bag
102,00 81,95

Vaude Big Bike Bag Pro
160,00 149,95

Evoc Stage 18L Backpack
139,95 134,95

Wowow Bag Cover Urban
19,95 16,95

Evoc Neo Backpack
249,95 209,95

Wowow Bag Cover 2.2
14,95 12,95

Velo Bike Cover
7,95 From 7,59

Evoc Stage 6 Backpack
99,99 94,95

Pro Mega Bike Travel Bag
499,00 416,95

Evoc Ride 8 Backpack
From 80,00

Evoc Bite Valve
9,00 From 8,95