Bike Accessories

Bike accessories really complete your road bike, mountain bike, or city bike. A bike bell, proper bike lock, and a floor pump are basic essentials for any bike. Something else you'll find in the bicycle accessories category is bike carriers which you can fit to your car. How else would you quickly get your bike to a whole new area? When you are going on a day-trip, you can't really do without a proper bike backpack. This can be either a backpack with a built-in water reservoir like the ones often used by mountain bikers, or a small and sturdy backpack designed to carry your rain jacket and cycling maps on a leisurely weekend ride. Child seats are also part of the bicycle accessories, as are the bicycle panniers and bike baskets. Finally, let's not forget about the turbo trainers. Because sometimes, it's just nice to stay at home and train indoors to keep in shape!

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Ortlieb Back Roller Classic

Our choice for an all-round pannier

Ortlieb Bikepacking Set

From 319,19
Our choice for a high-quality bikepacking bag set

Urban Iki Junior Rear Child Seat

Our choice for a rear-mounted bike seat suitable for children aged 5 to 10 years

Topeak BackLoader Saddle Bag

RRP 71,15
From 60,94
Our choice for a bikepacking saddle bag with the best value for money

Thule EasyFold XT 2 933 Bike Carrier

RRP 935,16
Our choice of electric bike carrier

Garmin Varia RTL515 Rearview Radar Rear Bike Light

RRP 203,30
Our choice for bike safety rearlight

Elite Fly Water Bottle

RRP 7,11
From 7,07

Knog Oi Bell

RRP 21,13
From 18,25

Tacx Ciro Bottle Holder

RRP 18,29
From 14,18

Cycling Accessories

Our range of accessories for bikes really does have everything related to cycling. Whether you need accessories for your road bike or mountain bike, we’ve got a vast range of items for you. Anything from GPS and navigation to turbo trainers. Smaller, simpler items are well-catered for as well, such as mudguards or bottles and bottle cages. And let's not forget about the essential bike pump either.

Turbo Trainers

Turbo trainers have become so advanced, you’d almost stay indoors. Smart trainers can even be paired to your tv, giving you a highly realistic cycling experience. Train with or race against thousands of other riders in the virtual world with Zwift for instance. Cycling trainers also still come in the classic guise of rollers or simple resistance trainers. While these can’t be linked into the virtual world, they can still offer you the same workout as the modern turbo trainer.

Electronics - GPS and Bike Computers

Electronics constitutes a very large group of cycling accessories. Anything from GPS based bicycle navigation to basic bike computers which just show your speed. More advanced computers can often be paired to extra sensors such as power meters, heart rate monitors, or cadence sensors. This way, you’ve got all your data right in front of you on your bike computer.

Bike Bags, Panniers and Baskets

Bike bags and baskets are more than just a simple way of transforming your city bike or touring bike into a carrier bike. We’ve got an extensive range of various bike panniers and baskets which can be placed on the luggage rack or handlebars of your city bike. Anything from simple yet sturdy panniers for your daily commute to cool and fashionable designer bags which don’t just hold your daily shopping, but look cool doing so as well. A hugely popular brand of bike bags is Basil, and we naturally offer a large choice of products from their range.

Cycling Panniers for Touring Bikes

We have a host of super sturdy panniers specifically designed for trekking bikes, which aren’t just waterproof but extra strong as well. A proper trekking pannier by for example Ortlieb or Vaude will see you take on that cycling holiday without a worry in the world.

Cycling Backpacks

If you’re heading out on your mountain bike or road bike, you don’t usually have carriers to accommodate a set of panniers. A cycling backpack might just be what you need. Anything from large backpacks which can carry plenty of gear as well as some spare parts, to smaller packs with a built-in water container. These hydration systems are particularly popular with mountain bikers. The advantage is that you don’t need to carry bottles as you have plenty of water in your backpack. These backpacks usually have enough space left inside for a spare tube and a pump as well.

Saddlebags for Road Bikes and Mountain Bikes

Not everyone wants to ride around with a backpack. If you really just want to bring a CO2 pump and a spare inner tube, then a saddlebag will probably suffice. A saddlebag is installed right underneath the saddle, and you won’t notice it’s there as you ride. They’re usually large enough to carry a few spare inner tubes as well as a multitool. The slightly larger saddlebags offer enough space to store an energy bar or two as well.

Bottles and Bottle Cages

Anyone who rides a bike needs to drink. Whether you’re on a road bike, mountain bike, or city bike, a longer ride demands a bottle with some water or energy drink. Our bottles and bottle cages page contains a large range of various types of bottles and cages. Anything from lightweight carbon bottle cages and aerodynamic bottles for pure speedfreaks, to sturdy and seemingly indestructible cages and XL bottles for those looking to bring a lot of water on long trips.

Bicycle Trailers

Bicycle trailers are great when you want to take young children along for a bike ride. Or perhaps to bring them to school with when they’re still too young to ride for themselves. Bicycle trailers are also often used for dogs as well. It’s great to bring man’s best friend along for a ride.

Bike Carriers

Great cycling destinations aren’t always close to home. And since not everyone is willing to ride for hours just to discover a new area, bike carriers are a perfect choice if you’re looking to explore new territories. Simply load up the bikes onto the back of your car and off you go. We have just what you need: anything from basic, unlit bike carriers for 2 lightweight bikes, to extra large bike carriers which can handle up to 4 bicycles.

Child Seats for on your Bicycle

Few things are as fun and convenient as being able to bring your children along on the bike. This does require a sturdy and safe child seat though. Fortunately, we offer a wide choice of products by popular brands such as Yepp, Bobike, and Thule. You can also choose whether you want a child seat for the front or rear of your bike. Naturally, we also have a host of accessories available to compliment your child seat with, such as adapters, windscreens, and rain covers.

Bike Safety

Bicycle lights and reflectors are essential to cycling safely. Bike safety is something every rider -be it on a city bike, road bike, or mountain bike- benefits from. Besides bike lights, this category also has SOS bracelets which, should something happen to you, allow emergency services to always identify you with. This is also where you find bells and reflective materials.

Bike Pumps

You can’t completely prevent an occasional flat or soft tyre. A proper bike pump is essential to get it back up to the right pressure. We have a large range of pumps available. Starting from basic, sem-indestructible bike pumps and going all the way up to high-tech pumps which work like a compressor and allow you to properly seat tubeless tyres onto your rims. Finally, we have CO2 pumps as well with which you can easily and quickly inflate a replaced or repaired inner tube while on the road.


Few things are as annoying as arriving at your destination completely soaked to the bone. City bikes in particular really can’t do without a proper set of mudguards. Road bikes and mountain bikes use mudguards more and more these days as well. This doesn’t just help you stay cleaner, it also prevents riders behind you from getting soaked by the spray from your rear wheel.

Bike Locks

Nothing is as frustrating as a stolen bike. A proper bike lock can often prevent theft. We have a wide range of different locks, including frame locks, chain locks, cable locks, and U-locks. A great additional locking system is the plug-in chain which works in tandem with the frame lock mounted to your bike. This means you don’t need to carry an extra key, and you’re still able to secure the bike to a fixed object.