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A proper bike lock can save you a lot of trouble. Whether you leave your bike for just a minute or for hours, a bike lock helps you make sure it's still there when you get back. We've got heavy-duty padlocks, cable locks, chain locks and frame locks. In addition, we've got lightweight locks to safely set your bike aside for a moment to get a cup of coffee on your weekend ride. Do you want a completely safe bike lock? A bike lock with the ART certification is necessary for theft insurance.

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Abus Ionus 8900 Chain Lock

RRP 55,86
From 40,61
Our choice of chain lock

AXA Victory Frame Lock

RRP 52,81
From 31,46
Our choice for a ring lock

Abus Steel-O-Chain 9809K ART2 Chain Lock

RRP 132,10
From 101,60
Our choice for protecting your (electric) cargo bike from theft

BikeFinder GPS Bike Tracker

RRP 182,92

AXA Block XXL ART2 Frame Lock

RRP 42,64
From 26,38

AXA Defender ART2 Frame Lock

RRP 40,61
From 30,44

AXA RLC PLUS Plug-in Chain

RRP 37,56
From 20,28

Abus CityChain 8800 Chain Lock

RRP 43,66
From 36,54

Lockride Original 545/725

RRP 152,38

Abus 6KS/130 Plug-in Chain

RRP 42,64

Abus CityChain 6800 Chain Lock

RRP 35,53
From 29,43

Kryptonite Evolution Chain Lock

RRP 111,81
From 77,21

AXA ULC Block Plug-in Chain

RRP 37,56
From 24,35

AXA LINQ ART2 Chain Lock

RRP 73,14
From 50,78

AXA Solid XL ART2 Frame Lock

RRP 36,54
From 25,36

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Bike Locks | Check out the best bike locks online

What is a good bike lock?

A good bicycle lock is of course a lock that ensures that your bicycle is properly locked and will not be stolen. We have a wide range of high quality bicycle locks available in our assortment. Our assortment consists of the best brands of bicycle locks, such as:

What is the safest bike lock?

Which bicycle lock is the best buy for you depends on your personal situation. With a good bicycle lock you prevent a thief from taking your bike easily. The better the lock, the harder it is for the thief to steal your bike. At Mantel, we label all bicycle locks with a theft risk. We divide this into:

Is an additional bike lock or chain necessary?

Are you looking for a bicycle lock for an expensive bicycle? Then it is advisable to use a second bike lock in addition to a ring lock. A plug-in chain is the easiest way to increase the security of your bike. This is an additional lock chain that you connect to your frame lock, so that you can lock your bike to fixed objects.
The disadvantage of a plug-in chain is that it does not have an extra lock. If the thief manages to crack your frame lock, he can also remove the inserted chain from your bike. A stronger option is a good frame lock in combination with a foldabe lock, U-lock or chain lock suitable for a high risk of theft. By using two separate locks you make it very difficult for a thief to steal your bike.

Which lock is suitable for my road bike or MTB?

A lock for a road bike or mountain bike has different properties than a conventional lock for your bike. On your sports bike, having a lightweight lock is much more important than on your city bike. In addition, you want the lock not to scratch your frame. You also want a lock that is compact to store. Check out all the locks that are suitable for sports bikes here. These locks are often less safe than regular bike locks. Therefore, they are mainly intended to prevent 'opportunity theft'. Do you want the safest lock for your road or mountain bike? Then be sure to check out the from Axa and Abus.

What are the best bike locks?

Here in the Netherlands, the most popular bicycle locks are frame locks. A frame lock is easy to attach to your city bike or e-bike, and, once it is, you always have it with you. Axa bicycle locks are the most popular and well-known frame locks. But also Abus frame locks are qualitatively very good. However, they are not necessarily the best bicycle locks. A thief can easily pick up your bike and take it with him. To prevent this, you should lock your bicycle to a fixed object with one of the following bicycle locks:
  • Cable locks: Lightweight bike lock to deter the opportunists.
  • Chain locks: Hardened steel links make this one of the most secure bicycle locks available.
  • Foldable locks: Folding locks are compact, strong and easy to attach to the frame.
  • U-locks: Europe's most popular bicycle lock, super strong and frame mounted.
  • Plug-in chains: With an plug-in chain for your ring lock you increase the security of your bicycle.
The combination of two bicycle locks provides the best protection for your bicycle.