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Bicycle Lock Selection Guide

Bicycle Lock Selection Guide

Bike Locks

A proper bike lock can save you a lot of trouble. Whether you leave your bike for just a minute or for hours, a bike lock helps you make sure it's still there when you get back. We've got heavy-duty padlocks, cable locks, chain locks and frame locks. In addition, we've got lightweight locks to safely set your bike aside for a moment to get a cup of coffee on your weekend ride. Do you want a completely safe bike lock? A bike lock with the ART certification is necessary for theft insurance.
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Chain Locks
Frame Locks
Foldable Locks
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Bike Lock Accessories

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Axa Solid Plus Frame Lock
32.48 From 20.28

Axa Absolute 9 Chain Lock
53.82 34.56

Axa Victory Frame Lock
43.66 From 29.43

Axa Flex Mount
10.11 7.07

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