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It is important that you check your brake cables regularly. Are the inner or outer cables of your brakes worn out? Then you need to replace them. Often the brake outer cables and inner cables need to be replaced at the same time. For this, of course, you can get handy brake cable sets. You can use brake cables that are specially made for your MTB or road bike, or universal brake cables that can be used for both.

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Jagwire Road Pro Brake Kit Cable Set

RRP 36.59
Our choice of brake cables

Shimano XTR BH-90 Brake Hose

RRP 30.49
From 29.43

Shimano Brake Cable Set

RRP 16.25

Shimano Race SM-BH90 JK Brake Hose

RRP 40.65
From 30.44

Shimano SM-BH59-SB Brake Hose

RRP 20.32
From 20.28

Magura All MT Brake Hose

RRP 32.98

Trivio MTB Brake Cable Set

RRP 14.22

Shimano BH59 Brake Hose

RRP 34.55
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