MTB Shoes

MTB shoes come in different variants. Most mountain bikers opt for clipless MTB shoes. For some mountain bike disciplines, such as downhill and enduro, cyclists may prefer shoes that do not click into the pedal. For MTB shoes, the price difference is often related to the stiffness of the sole. The stiffer it is, the more efficiently your power will be transferred to the pedal. That being said, MTB shoes with a flexible sole are a good choice if you like to walk a bit from time to time.
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Sidi Tiger 2 MTB Shoes
426.94 365.90

Sidi Speed MTB Shoes
203.31 180.89

Sidi Trace 2 W MTB Shoes
203.31 190.04

Shimano RX800 MTB Shoes
232.78 206.30

Sidi Jarin MTB Shoes
420.00 359.95