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Pedal Tools

With the right pedal tools, it becomes a lot easier to (dis)assemble and maintain the pedals of your bike. In addition to pedal wrenches and allen keys, we also have grease guns in our range.
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Pedal Wrenches
Grease Guns

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Park Tool Hex Keys
14.22 From 10.02
Spring Cleaning

Park Tool PW-5 Pedal wrench
19.30 11.85
Spring Cleaning

Park Tool GG-1 Grease Gun
33.53 21.03
Spring Cleaning

BBB Cycling Dualforce
20.28 15.51
Spring Cleaning

BBB Cycling Hi-Torque BTL-10D Pedal wrench
21.30 15.09
Spring Cleaning

Pro Pedal Wrench Hex Key
16.25 11.85
Spring Cleaning

Pro Pedal Wrench
18.29 12.80
Spring Cleaning

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