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You need good sports nutrition to refuel your energy during rides. Whether it's an energy bar during training, an energy gel to get you through the final sprint or a restorative post-ride drink, at Mantel we've got a wide range of sports nutrition products to help you achieve your best results on your road or mountain bike. Check out our assortment of sports nutrition and sports supplements for cyclists now!

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Good sports nutrition| The key to good performance

It is important to pay extra attention to your nutrition when you work out a lot. A healthy and varied diet is a good and solid basis for this. But especially in endurance sports, sports nutrition can be a good addition. This food can support you even better before, during or after your training. It is specially designed to deliver energy directly to your muscles, without causing extra work to your stomach or intestines.

What is the difference between hypotonic and isotonic sports drinks?

"At Mantel we have a full range of sports drinks. We have hypotonic sports drinks, which are perfect to keep yourself hydrated during longer cycling trips. Isotonic sports drinks contain more sugars and minerals. Therefore, they are suitable for heavier workouts because they replenish your energy reserves well. Both hypotonic and isotonic drinks are available in convenient powder form, so you can mix it with water in your water bottle beforehand. Tablet form is also available, and especially handy for taking with you, as it allows you to easily supplement your drink on the go.

What types of energy gels are there?

Energy gels are an absolute must during heavy exertion. This liquid sports nutrition is therefore often used during competitions or heavy training. The gel form makes them easy to consume, even with a high heart rate. The gels are full of sugars and fast carbohydrates, so you feel the effect immediately. Some gels also contain extra caffeine, minerals or sugars.

What types of energy bars are there?

Energy bars are an important part of sports nutrition, and come in many different varieties. Sports bars are like the main course during your sporting activity. Some bars give you an immediate energy boost, while others provide you with energy for a longer period of time. There are also recovery bars, which ensure a quick recovery after your training.

What is the value of recovery food?

Workout done? Back at home with your feet up? Great idea, but don't forget the importance of good recovery foods. These foods contain the right building blocks to help your body recover quickly, making you ready for your next workout faster. There is recovery food aimed at muscle growth, and simply for optimal recovery after your workout.