Sports Nutrition

In order to be the best you that you can be, you need proper nutrition and care. Whether it's a simple energy bar during your training, a gel in the final leg of a race, or a nice shower gel after an intense ride. Don't forget about our Chamois Cream to keep you comfortable. At Mantel, we've got all you need to get the most out of your rides. Check out our entire range of cycling nutrition and nutritional supplements for cyclists!
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Top Seller

SiS Go Electrolyte
16,72 From 13,54

PowerBar Isoactive
12,85 From 10,41

SiS Go Isotonic Energy Gel 7-Pack
11,49 From 9,36

Etixx Isotonic
14,11 From 11,49

SiS Go Hydro Tablets
11,49 From 9,36

Maxim Sports Drink
15,64 From 12,50

SiS Go Energy Bar 5-Pack
8,36 From 7,27

BORN Iso Pro
49,68 36,55

Maxim Energy Bar
2,29 1,67

Namedsport ISONAM Energy
17,77 15,99

SiS Go Energy Bar
2,08 1,83

SiS Rego Rapid Recovery
20,91 17,73

WIN2 Energy Bar
From 1,87