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Long Cycling Tights Selection Guide

Long Cycling Tights Selection Guide

Women's Legwear


On Mantel you will find a wide range of cycling shorts and MTB pants for women. Women's cycling shorts have a different design than men's cycling shorts. For example, the chamois has been specially designed to give women maximum comfort on the bike. In addition, the bib straps are positioned differently and cycling shorts without bib straps are available. In our range we have shorts, 3/4 pants and long cycling tights. Follow our handy selection aid to find the most suitable women's cycling shorts for you.

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Sportful Fiandre NoRain W Cycling tights
RRP 133,17
Winter weeks

Castelli Prima Bib Short
From 64,51
RRP 102,43

Castelli Sorpasso RoS W Bib Tight
RRP 194,66

Castelli Meno Wind W Bib Tights
RRP 153,67
Winter weeks

Fox Racing Ranger W MTB Trousers
RRP 112,68

Rogelli Liona Bib Tight
RRP 71,68

Craft Ideal Thermal W Cycling Tight
RRP 102,43

Fox Racing Defend Fire W MTB Pants
RRP 174,16

Castelli Tutto Nano W Bib Tight
RRP 143,42

Assos UMA GT C2 Winter Bib Tights
RRP 225,40

Rogelli Lucette Tights
RRP 62,46

Craft Core Bike Subz W Bib Tights
RRP 112,68

Calobra Umbra Bib Tight
RRP 87,06

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What are the best cycling shorts for ladies?

What are the best cycling shorts for ladies?

Good cycling clothing is important: good legwear is most essential during your bike rides. In addition to legwear for men, we also have a great range of women's legwear. But what are the best cycling shorts for women? Whether you want a bib short, bib tight or mountain bike pants, there is a suitable cycling pant for everyone. Thus, we sell a number of popular brands, such as: We also sell many more cycling shorts and tights for women from different brands.

What length legwear should I opt for?

Women's cycling legwear come in different lengths, namely knickers, shorts and tights. Which length you need mostly depends on the weather conditions. In winter, you can opt for a bib tight for ladies, or cycling trousers ladies long. At temperatures below 15 degrees, women's long cycling trousers are generally worn. Is the weather warmer? Then you can opt for women's cycling shorts, or bib shorts. Do you opt for a bib short for ladies? Then you can always put on arm and legwarmers when the weather gets colder. Finally, you can opt for knickers. Ideal for spring and autumn.

Do I want cycling shorts ladies with or without straps?

As a female cyclist, you have a choice between bike shorts with or without braces. Cycling shorts without braces, which are just called shorts are generally more popular for women than for men. This is because women tend to have somewhat wider hips, which keeps the shorts in place better during your workout. In addition, some women find the straps on their chest to be uncomfortable while cycling. In the end, it is very much dependent on your personal preferance.

Do I need cycling shorts ladies with chamois?

One of the most important components of a good cycling kit is the chamois. Cycling shorts with chamois for women should be able to wick away your sweat and should fit the body well. There are many cycling trousers with chamois on the market, so for every woman there is a suitable women's cycling trousers with chamois. For the female mountain bikers among us, we also have a women's MTB legwear category. Our range include both women's mountain bike pants with chamois or without. Do you prefer to wear casual clothing on the bike? Then you can also opt for women's cycling underwear.