Cycling Glasses Selection Guide

Cycling Glasses Selection Guide

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A decent pair of cycling glasses doesn't just feel comfortable, but also protects you against harmful sun radiation. There are plenty of cycling glasses options for people with a sense of style. From the most basic cycling glasses that simply protect your eyes against wind, rain, sun and insects to true designer cycling glasses that turn you into a style icon. Take a look at our large selection of cycling glasses for men and women!

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Which cycling glasses are suitable for me as a spectacle wearer?

As a spectacle wearer, you also want to be able to buy suitable cycling glasses for road cycling or mountain biking. We have certainly thought of this with our range. For example, we have cycling glasses that fit additional inserts. An optician can fit lenses that match your prescription. We also have cycling glasses with a prescription reading area. These lenses must also be ground to the desired power by your optician. Once you have the right lenses, you have a pair of cycling glasses that are perfect for you!

Which lens type is best for my cycling glasses?

Another very important consideration when buying a new pair of cycling glasses is the type of lens that's fitted. Each type has its own characteristics: they will protect you better from the sun, reveal contrasts better or change colour depending on the weather conditions. The latter is a special one and is called photochromatic cycling glasses. It basically means that the lens of the glasses changes colour when the sun shines brighter or less brightly. This allows you to see what's happening in front of you on the road in any kind of weather.

In what weather conditions do I need cycling glasses?

Cycling glasses are not only useful when the sun is shining. There are also goggles that are more useful when it is cloudy or when you are cycling through the woods. These glasses are equipped with a lens that reveals contrasts better in these types of conditions. With the right cycling glasses, no weather condition is too much for you when cycling!