Oakley Radar EV Photochromic Cycling Glasses

Oakley Radar EV Photochromic Cycling Glasses
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Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • The photochromic lens means no more swapping lenses since it adapts to the prevailing weather conditions.
  • Accessories like ear socks available to give your glasses an upgrade.
  • Larger lens compared to the older Radar so you no longer have the frame in your field of vision.
  • The frame is made of Oakley's own O-Matter material and is therefore very durable.
  • The HDO and Plutonite lens material results in optimal eye protection.
  • In really bright sunlight, the photochromatic lens is not dark enough.
  • Changing the lens is precision work and requires some practice.
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Brand Oakley
Suitable for people with glasses No
Oakley Lens Type Path
Lens Type Photochromic
Light Transmittance 23 - 69%
Frame Type Half frame
Number of lenses 1 lens
Lens Colour Photochromic
Weather conditions Variable conditions



The Oakley Radar EV Photochromic cycling glasses succeed the legendary Oakley Radar glasses, albeit with many great upgrades. After decades of research and testing with the world's best athletes, Oakley discovered that cyclists couldn't look through the entire lens but were looking at part of the frame instead. Oakley set about solving this and created a larger lens, giving you a better and wider field of view. New surge-ports have been added as well to allow for a cooling airflow. The lightweight but insanely durable frame is made from Oakley's own O-matter. This combined with the HDO and Plutonite lens material results in even better protection for your eyes. So say goodbye to your old Radar, because the new Radar EV Photochromic is just so much better! This Radar EV continues the legend started by the old Radar. "The King is dead, long live the King!"

Lens Type
The Oakley Radar EV Clear Black Iridium Photochromic colours along with various weather conditions. It has a light transmission range of 23-69% and is therefore very suitable for changing conditions. Thanks to its 23% light transmission, it is perfect for cycling in the sun. On the other hand, the light transmission of 69% also makes these cycling glasses perfect for use in cloudy weather conditions.
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Delivery includes

• Oakley Radar EV Cycling glasses
• Oakley Photochromic lens
• Hard case
• Storage pouch
• 1 Extra nose piece



9.1 / 10 Average from 136 reviews | Write a review
9.1 / 10
136 reviews


  • Comfortable (2)
  • Fit (1)
  • Quality of lens (1)
  • Oakley Quality (1)


  • Nothing (1)
  • Get steamy sometimes (1)
  • Retail price (1)
  • Steel frame yet glossy black nose piece (1)

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Most recent reviews

10 / 10

Andrew, 23 January 2020

What you expect of the best

Amazing clarity of lenses. Photochromatic lens perfect for UK riding. Fit is excellent and they are very light...stay in place without gripping too hard


  • Fit
  • Quality of lens


  • Nothing

10 / 10

Richard, 7 August 2019

Excellent in variable light whether you are cycling or running

Perfect for sport in the mountains of Snowdonia

10 / 10

Jill, 3 April 2019

Love these glasses as always provide the correct amount of vision.

10 / 10

Gee, 11 December 2018


Best riding glasses for cycling in the dark, dusk or dawn! Vision is ultra clear and doesn't dim your vision. Essential for protecting your eyes from the wind and flying particles! It isn't for bright sunny days if you prefer using standard shades, unless you are used to riding in sunny conditions with wearing shade. In which theses will give you superior protection either way! Mantel had the best deal anywhere and delivery was fast...the real deal!


  • Oakley Quality
  • Great Discount
  • For Night or Dim light riding
  • Best Protection

10 / 10

Richard, 20 August 2018

Fantastic glasses, photochromic lenses superb

I’ve ridden in all sorts of conditions that have challenged these glasses and they are almost faultless! Photochromic lenses react very quickly, I was even able to comfortably ride in low sun conditions. Comfortable and reactive enough that you forget you have glasses on. Get a bit steamy when you stop but hats just physics, not a problem when there’s enough air flow.


  • Look great
  • Comfortable
  • Photochromic lenses awesome


  • Get steamy sometimes
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Frequently bought together

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136 reviews 8 reviews 50 reviews 26 reviews
Suitable for people with glasses No No No No
Oakley Lens Type Path Path
Lens Type Photochromic Contrast Contrast Contrast
Frame Colour Steel / Polished Black Matte Black / Matte White / Matte White Pink Polished White / Matte Black / Retina Burn / Matte Balsam Polished White / Matte Black / Redline / Polished White / Black / Uranium
Light Transmittance 23 - 69% 20% 20% 20%
Frame Type Half frame Full frame Half frame Full frame
169,04 133,17 138,30 151,62
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All specifications

Detailed product description

Oakley studied the way people looked through the lens with the Radar EV. This information has led to a 10% larger field of view -what you can see when looking through the lens- compared to the old Oakley Radar. Oakley created a specific Radar EV lens for every situation. This Oakley Radar EV Photochromic comes with a photochromic lens. This transitional lens makes it suitable for virtually all conditions. It has a light transmittance of between 23 and 69%. The lens is suitable for both sunny and cloudy days.


Fit & Protection

A good fit means better results and protection. The combination of the flexible, durable O-matter material with the Plutonite lenses guarantee maximum protection in all conditions!


HDO stands for High Definition Optics, which in turn refers to the curvature of the lens itself. This curvature matches the natural curve of your eyes, ensuring you’ve always got a crystal clear and distortion-free view.

Field of View

Special optimised lens for cycling. The largest challenge was creating a lens that has a certain shape and size without the frame obstructing your view. This appeared a tough one, because during cycling you often have your head down, while you are looking up. But with this lens Oakley offer a field of view that is as large as necessary without blind spots.


Impact resistant frame material that can handle the most extreme of conditions. This material is super light but incredibly durable. Controlled flexibility increases the impact resistance and also helps improve everyday comfort.

Plutonite lens material

One of the most optically pure materials used in modern glasses. The material ensures a clear view of what’s ahead and is capable of withstanding almost any impact. The lens filters out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light frequencies up to 400 nm. There’s no separate coating on the lens. Rather, the lens itself is what offers protection from UV rays.

Impact Protection

After decades of innovation, Oakley Performance glasses offer an incredible level of no-compromise protection against high speed- and heavy impacts. The protection comes from the use of high-grade materials and the unique Oakley lens/frame design combination.

Three-Point Fit

A patented innovation which ensures the frame only touches the nose and sides of your head. This system ensures the lens is optimally aligned and the glasses feel comfortable, without causing the pressure points found with glasses fitted with hooked legs.


Thanks to the special “surge” ports, the air is channelled over the lenses to prevent them from fogging up. This way these glasses better meet the wishes of their users.

Type of Oakley Lens

Oakley Clear Black Iridium Photochromic

The Oakley Radar EV Clear Black Iridium Photochromic lens is, because of its 23-69% light transmittance range suitable for varying weather conditions. With 23% it’s fine to ride in the sun, but with 69% also in cloudy weather. If you ride on cloudy days, the lens is transparent, in the sun it’s dark grey. This way it doesn’t look neutral on the outside, but also on the inside. You keep the transparent look on the inside also when it’s at its darkest. It can change in 10 seconds from the lightest to the darkest transmittance. Perfect when you use it to ride in the woods. The Oakley Radar Clear Black Photochromic lens is the perfect lens for the rider who rides in varying weather conditions.