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A decent pair of cycling glasses doesn't just feel comfortable, but also protects you against harmful sun radiation. There are plenty of cycling glasses options for people with a sense of style. From the most basic cycling glasses that simply protect your eyes against wind, rain, sun and insects to true designer cycling glasses that turn you into a style icon. Check out our large selection of cycling glasses for men and women!

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Which cycling glasses are suitable for me as a spectacle wearer?

As an eyeglass wearer, you naturally want to be able to buy suitable cycling glasses for road cycling or mountain biking. We have certainly thought of this with our range of products. For example, we have cycling glasses the allow for an extra insert. The insert can be ground to your prescription by your optician. We also have bike glasses with a prescription reading section. These usually come with a fixed deviation, so you don't have to get them ground to the desired prescription at your optician.

What lens should I have in my cycling glasses?

The type of lens that goes into your cycling glasses is also a very important consideration when buying a new pair of cycling glasses. For example, you have cycling glasses that give you better protection from the sun, expose contrasts better or change with the weather conditions. The latter is also known as photochromatic cycling glasses. This means that the lens of the glasses changes colour when the sun shines brighter or when it's cloudy. This allows you to clearly see what is happening in front of you on the road in any weather condition.

In what weather conditions do I need cycling glasses?

Cycling glasses do not only come in handy when the sun shines. Similarly, there are bike glasses that are more useful when it is cloudy or when cycling through the woods. These glasses are equipped with a lens that exposes contrasts better in such conditions. With the right bike glasses, no weather condition is too crazy for you while cycling!

What colour lenses should my cycling glasses be?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the colour of your cycling glasses. For instance, the colour of the glass can affect how light-permeable it is and how effective it is at filtering certain light.
A few things to consider are:
  • If you often cycle in the dark or in bad weather, a darker glass colour can help prevent you from being blinded by light sources.
  • If you usually ride in bright sunlight, an orange, yellow or red lens can help reduce light and protect your eyes from UV radiation. These colours also help increase contrast, which can help you see obstacles on the road.
  • In forested or wooded areas, green or brown glasses can help reduce light and increase contrast. This way, you can see obstacles on the road or in the forest.
Ultimately, it depends on your personal preferences and driving conditions which glass colour is best for you. It is also a good idea to try different colours to see what works best for you. That way, you can find the cycling glasses that suit you best!

What brands of cycling glasses are there?

There are numerous brands of cycling glasses on the market. Here is a list of the brands we offer in our range: It is important to research what works best for you and look at the specifications of the glasses, such as fit, lens quality and UV protection.

What is the difference between cycling glasses for women and men?

There is usually no difference between cycling glasses for women and men in terms of quality or performance. The main difference is often in the fit, as men and women often have different face shapes and sizes. Some brands offer specific lines of cycling glasses for women and men that are tailored to the average face shapes and sizes of each gender.
There may also be colour and style differences between cycling glasses for women and men. This is usually more a matter of personal preference and does not necessarily mean that one type of cycling glasses is better or worse than the other. When looking for cycling glasses, it is important to look at the specific features of the glasses, such as fit, lens quality and UV protection, rather than focusing on the gender the glasses are intended for.

What are photochromatic cycling glasses?

Photochromatic cycling glasses feature lenses that automatically darken when exposed to UV light. Photochromatic lenses can be very useful for cyclists because they help reduce light and increase contrast, which can help with seeing obstacles on the road.
Photochromatic lenses can be a good option for cyclists who often ride in different light conditions and don't always have time to adjust their glasses to the light. So this way, you can get by with a single pair of cycling glasses in all weather conditions!