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Do you want to buy a bike bell? Then you have come to the right place. With a bike bell on your city bike, road bike or mountain bike, you are many times safer on your bike than without one. It is not only safe for you, but also for your fellow road users. Bicycle bells come in all shapes and sizes. Do you want a large bike bell, a pink bike bell or do you prefer a bike bell for your child? Check out our wide range of bike bells below.

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bike bells make your bike ride many times safer, whether on your city bike, electric bike, road bike, mountain bike and gravel bike. Do you want a small bike bell, a pink bike bell or a bike bell for your sports bike? Our range has it all!

Which bike bell fits my road bike, MTB or gravel bike best?

Even during a bike ride on your road bike or mountain bike, it is very handy to have a bike bell. This makes your ride a lot safer, both for yourself and for other road users. Many cyclists prefer a small road bike bell or mountain bike bell or even one that's almost invisible. For example, bike bells from CloseTheGap HideMyBell are incorporated into the bike computer mount, making it almost invisible that you have a bike bell on your bike. In addition, Knog Oi bike bells are very compact and therefore also very popular among cyclists.

Do you also have children's bike bells?

A children's bike bell should not only be loud and clear, but above all it should be fun. Children's bike bells come in many different shapes and sizes. They often have an eye-catching colour, or a fun design.

What bike bell do I need for my city bike?

There are many different bike bells for your city bike. You can find them all in our assortment, whether you want a big bike bell that may stand out, or a small one that is less noticeable.