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Bike helmets are par for the course for cyclists. Road bikers and mountain bikers have a wide range of options when it comes to bike helmets. From aerodynamic road bike helmets for road warriors to full face mtb helmets for hardcore downhill mountain bikers. We also have speed pedelec helmets for the extremely rapid 45 km/h e bikes.
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Bontrager Specter WaveCel Helmet
152,47 101,60
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Lazer Blade+ MIPS Road bike Helmet
121,97 91,44
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Abus StormChaser Helmet
152,43 96,52

Bontrager XXX WaveCel Helmet
254,12 162,63
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Bontrager Starvos WaveCel Road Bike Helmet
111,81 76,19
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Lazer Z1 MIPS Helmet
223,63 172,76
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Lazer Genesis MIPS Helmet
243,96 177,84
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Abus Viantor Helmet
91,44 63,99

Abus Aventor Helmet
152,43 From 91,44

HJC Valeco Road Bike Helmet
152,48 From 101,60

MET Vinci MIPS Helmet
101,60 From 84,32

Lazer Blade+ Helmet
121,97 66,02
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Lazer Century Helmet
162,63 106,69
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Bontrager Rally WaveCel MTB Helmet
152,47 132,14
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

MET Rivale Helmet
132,15 101,60

HJC Atara Road Bike Helmet
81,32 From 56,88

Oakley ARO3 MIPS Helmet
182,97 104,65

Bike Helmet

A bike helmet -or cycle helmet- has become a commonplace item on the bike these days. While you used to look a little weird when you had one of those plastic contraptions on your head, these days it’s considered weird when you don’t! A road bike helmet or MTB helmet protects your head in the event of a crash by absorbing part of the energy released during a fall. That’s why you should always replace your helmet after a spill! Sometimes you can’t see any external evidence that the helmet did what it was designed to do, because there’s no external damage. Internally however, it may not nearly be as strong as it once was. If you were to crash it again, there’s a good chance that it won’t offer you the protection you’d expect! Though it’s up to you whether or not you wear a helmet, we strongly recommend you do, even when cycling slow or for short distances. Bike helmets are made by many big names in the cycling industry. Whether you’ve got an eye on that POC helmet or a Giro helmet, or perhaps the Bontrager or Kask helmets caught your attention; all the bike helmets at Mantel meet the European safety standards for cycling helmets. The youngest riders can take to the roads safely too with a fitting helmet. Child safer, parent happy; Win-Win!

MTB helmet

A mountain bike helmet -or MTB helmet- has a slightly different design to a road bike helmet. The shape of the helmet is the first thing to stand out. The temples are often covered a little more so they’re protected from low hanging branches and other objects. A visor is also often part of the mountain bike helmets. The visor doesn’t cover the eyes like it does on say a motorcycle helmet, instead it’s a cap above the eyes intended to keep branches from hitting your eyes. These are often removable, meaning you can also use the helmet on the road. Popular MTB cycling helmet brands are: MET, BBB Cycling, Bell, Bontrager, Lazer, Kask helmets, Giro, and POC helmets. Though most MTB helmets are suitable for a whole host of applications, there’s a special niche that demands an equally special cycling helmet: the full face helmet used in downhill mountain biking. These mountain bike helmets also cover your face and jaw. Part of downhill racing is falling, so this added protection is very welcome! The high speeds achieved during a downhill mountain bike ride demand helmets which are a little different to regular helmets. These MTB helmets cover the face and jaw so you’re well protected. Well-known manufacturers of fullface mountainbike helmets are Bell and SixSixOne.

Road Bike Helmets

Road bike helmets look very similar in a lot of ways to their off-road siblings, but they often have a slightly different design. They also don’t use a visor, and they’re a little lighter as well. The road bike helmet became mandatory in the pro peloton back in 2003 and the use amongst amateur and tour riders has thankfully risen dramatically since. Road bike helmets can be broadly placed into two categories: the lightweight, highly ventilated helmets and the fast, aerodynamic helmets. The well-ventilated helmets for road cyclists are ideal when you’re going for a high-intensity ride on a warm day. Large vents allow the heat from your head to easily dissipate and let cooling air stream in. Aerodynamic helmets aren’t as well-ventilated usually, but they do offer you gains when it comes to saving energy. They channel the air along your head as cleanly as possible, quickly saving you a few Watts of power! The downside is that they’re often a little steamy. Helmets like the Giro Synthe bridge the gap between these worlds and offer you aerodynamic performance while being breathable enough to stay cool. There are a lot of popular manufacturers of road cycling helmets, such as: POC, Giro Helmets, Kask, Bontrager helmets, Bell, Lazer helmets, and BBB Cycling.

Children’s Cycling Helmets

Young cyclists can also take to the road well-protected with a proper child cycling helmet. Accidents happen, especially as a kid. A child bike helmet can easily make a difference in the severity of the outcome. There’s something for everyone: from simple, good-looking black helmets to colourful, cheery bike helmets. Plenty to choose from!

High Speed E-bike Helmet

A relatively new version of the electric bicycle -or e-bike- is the high speed e-bike or speed pedelec. These bicycles with electric pedal assist give you an extra push, up to 45 km/h or 25 mph no less. The higher speeds attainable with such bikes demand a specific helmet, for which the EU created a new safety standard. The special Speed Pedelec helmets are ideal for when you use a high speed e-bike every day on your daily commute or on rides around town.

Mantel Helmet Replacement Guarantee

When you’ve been into cycling long enough, it’ll no doubt have happened to you as well at some point: you crash your road bike or mountain bike. Though you’d rather never test the protective capacities of your helmet in a crash, it’s good to know that it did its job. Whenever you happen to have a crash, you’ll need to replace your helmet even if you don’t see any external damage. You simply can’t see what happened to it under the skin. Replacing your (formerly) shiny gear after a crash is never pleasant, but we’d like to help you out a bit at Mantel. That’s why we offer you a discount if you need to buy a new helmet during the first 2 years of ownership of your original helmet. Note that the original helmet has to have been purchased with us, of course. More information on this can be found on our blog.

Racing and Cycle Helmets

Enjoy a spot of racing, or do you frequently take part in sportives? Then you’ll pretty much always will be obligated to wear a bike helmet. Besides, you’ve only got one brain, and it pays to protect it!

The Best Bike Helmet

A question we get quite frequently is: what is the best bike helmet? The answer is very simple: there isn’t one. A test of various cycle helmets will often point towards a winner, but the reviews are often biased towards a specific type of helmet. You’d be unlikely to gain anything by wearing a Bell Sanction or Giro Chronicle during a time trial, just like you probably wouldn’t put on a Giro Aerohead, Kask Bambino, or POC Cerebel on a challenging Enduro ride. The question you need to ask is simple: what do I want from my cycle helmet? Aerodynamics, optimal ventilation, or are you in need of maximum protection from branches and other obstacles? Each application has it’s helmets to go with it, and if you’ve really gotten your head stuck, then you can always contact our customer service.