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Need a bike pump for your mountain bike, road bike or city bike? We have all kinds of bike pumps for various purposes. Mini pumps are useful for bringing along on a road bike or mountain bike trip. But we also offer CO2 pumps to rapidly inflate your road bike or mountain bike tyres. Of course, we also have regular bike pumps for city bikes and special high-pressure floor pumps for mountain bikes and road bikes. For mountain bikes, we also have fork pumps to pressurise your mountain bike fork or suspension.

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Trivio CO2 Inflator

From 12,19
Our choice of CO2 pump

Lezyne Mantel Dual Floor Drive Floor Pump

RRP 40,61
Our choice for a floor pump with the best value for money

Lezyne CO2 Cartridge 16 grams

RRP 7,62
From 6,86

RockShox Fork/Shock Pump

RRP 42,69
Top Deal

Trivio CO2 Cartridge 25 g

RRP 9,91
From 9,00

Topeak PocketShock DXG

RRP 60,98

RockShox Digital Pump

RRP 85,39

Quarq Shockwiz

RRP 377,13

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Bike pumps | We specialise in pumps for bicycles

It is important to properly inflate your bicycle tyres when you go cycling. Whether you're on a road bike, mountain bike, e-bike or city bike, cycling with under-inflated tyres makes your cycling a lot less fun and comfortable. A good pump should therefore not be missing in your shed. With a good pump, you can always keep your tyres on the right pressure.

What is the best bike pump?

Bike pumps can be divided into two categories. If you are looking for a bike pump for at home, a floor pump is probably what's best for you. Do you want one for the road? Then you have the choice of a hand pump or a Co2 pump with Co2 cartridges. A hand pump is easy to take with you and in case of a breakdown you can pump up your tyre on the way. We have many more types of bicycle pumps in our range, such as:

What is the best pump for road bikes?

For the road bike you should use a bike pump that can inflate to a high pressure. Most road bike tyres require a pressure of 4 to 9 bar. The difference is in the width of the tyre. The narrower the tyre, the higher the pressure should be. To determine the correct pressure, we recommend a bicycle pump with a pressure gauge. Also pay attention to the valve of your bike. Sports bikes almost always have a Presta valve, so buy a road bike pump for a Presta valve.

Are there also dedicated pumps for mountain bikes?

Your requirements for a mountain bike are slightly different. Here, your tyre pressure is much lower than on a road bike, roughly between 1.1 and 3 bar. In order to read this pressure correctly, you need a bike pump with a good pressure gauge or a bike pump with a manometer. Or even better, a stand-alone digital pressure gauge. With this you can measure the tyre pressure after inflating the tyre. As a result, you can be sure that you are always cycling with the correct tyre pressure!

How about pumps for electric bikes?

Most of the floor pumps in our range are fine for electric bikes. Many electric bikes use a Dutch / Dunlop valve. Not sure about which valve your bike has? Use our selection tool or read this blog about which valves there are.

Do I need a tubeless pump for my tubeless tyres?

In order to fit a tubeless tyre on a rim for the first time, a large volume of air is required. This can be done with an air compressor, but you can also opt for a tubeless pump. These bicycle pumps have an extra pressure chamber where you can build up a large volume of air. You can then release this volume into the tyre in one go. If you want to mount tubeless tyres on your road bike, mtb or gravel bike, we recommend using a tubeless pump!

How does a bike pump work?

How a pump works depends a bit on which bike you want to use it for and what kind of pump you have. Because bicycles are equipped with different valves. A city bike often has a different valve than a road or mountain bike. How the different valves work and how you can best inflate your bicycle tyre, you can read in this blog.

What is a good bicycle pump for me?

All the pumps in our range are of a good quality, so you can always inflate your bicycle tyres comfortably. One of the most popular and best pumps we have is the JoeBlow pump. We also have various good brands of pumps in our range, so you can always find a pump that suits you. The bicycle pumps that we have in our assortment are: