SiS sports nutrition is scientifically supported sports nutrition with a focus on quality and performance. Team Ineos, Team Wiggins, Team USA are just some of the professional cycling teams that only use gels, bars, recovery drinks and sports drinks from SiS. Mantel offers a wide range of SiS products, most of which are available in value packs. SiS sports nutrition will help you prevent hitting the proverbial wall.

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About SiS sports nutrition

SiS (Science in Sport) is one of the market leaders in the field of sports nutrition and supplements. SiS collaborates with some of the biggest names in sports, including Team Ineos and British Cycling. But big football clubs such as Manchester United also swear by SiS sports nutrition!

Which type of SiS sports nutrition should I have, and at what moment should I have it?

SiS sports nutrition is divided into three specific groups: before, during and after exercise. These are respectively labelled SiS GO, SiS REGO, and PROTEIN, the latter referring to the important protein composition WHEY20. GO consists of a range of energy powders, isotonic gels, energy bars and hydration tablets. The REGO group is filled with a wide range of recovery products.