Bike Wheel Parts

Proper bike wheel parts enable you to perform wheel maintenance on your road bike wheels or MTB wheels yourself. Whether you're replacing the freehub or upgrading the bearings, it's possible to do almost all wheel maintenance yourself. We've got everything you need to maintain or upgrade your bike wheels. From bike wheel spokes to spares such as a freehub, thru-axle or quick release skewer. Regardless of the job, re-spoking a wheel, fixing your bearings, or replacing a part, you can find the right parts here.
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Vittoria Valve extender
107,40 From 56,60

Fulcrum RT-004 Bearing
177,50 141,80

Morgan Blue 12MM Chainkeeper
32,70 29,80
Spring Cleaning

Zipp Race Quick Release
229,00 189,10

Fulcrum RS-113 Freehub
383,30 331,10

Mavic ID360 Freehub
229,20 227,00

Pro Chain Tension Device
107,50 63,90
Spring Cleaning

Fulcrum R0-113 Freehub
402,00 378,50

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