Running tubeless tyres is becoming increasingly popular with both road- and mountain bikers. This has to do with the fact that configuring your wheels and tyres to run tubeless has become easier. All you need are the following items: firstly a set of tubeless tyres. On top of that, you also need a set of tubeless valves and some liquid latex which you pour into the tyres. How it all goes together is explained in our blog "How to Set up your Tubeless Tyres". This part of the site is where you find everything you need, from complete ready-to-use tubeless kits to individual components such as valves and latex.

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Schwalbe One TLE Road Bike Tyre
53.30 From 34.20

Maxxis Ardent EXO TLR Tyre
41.62 From 28.95

Schwalbe Doc Blue
6.69 From 4.95

Schwalbe ProCore
173.60 71.20

Orange Seal Tire Sealant
8.90 From 8.10

Pepi's Tire Noodle
50.89 49.49

Orange Seal Endurance
10.70 From 9.90

Effetto Mariposa Tyreinvader
35.60 From 35.10