Bike Tyres


Tyres are an important component for your road bike, mountain bike, city bike or trekking bike. Proper tyres will not only reduce the number of punctures you suffer, they'll make your ride more comfortable as well. We offer a large number of high performance road bike tyres. Mountain bikers can choose from an extensive range of different tyres as well. This way, you can choose between tyres with extreme levels of grip, or hard and highly durable tyres.

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Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Road Bike Tyre
57.40 From 36.30
Our choice for road bike tyres for all conditions
Mantel's choice

Vittoria Corsa Control G2 Road Bike Tyre
From 37.95
Our choice for durable road bike tyres
Mantel's choice

Maxxis High Road Road Bike Tyre
53.80 From 28.20
Our choice for fast road bike tyres
Mantel's choice

Maxxis Rekon Race EXO TR Tyre
42.43 From 31.70