Cycle Computers & GPS

Cycle computers come in many shapes and forms, there's a suitable bike computer for every cyclist. Simple cycle computers will display your speed and distance travelled during a ride. A cycle computer with GPS is a must if you want to see your previous route. You can also connect various sensors such as a heart rate monitor, cadence sensor or power meter to more advanced cycle computers such as these. If you also want to know the way in unfamiliar areas, a bike computer with navigation is an option. This way, you can download a cycling route beforehand, and your bike navigation will ensure you won't get lost. Not sure which cycle computer suits you best? Then take a look at our selection guide.
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Garmin Edge 830 Bike GPS
350.00 From 336.50

Garmin Edge 530 Bike GPS
262.30 From 247.70

Polar V650 Cycle computer
192.90 167.80

Garmin Varia RTL 510 Radar
175.40 168.70

Polar M460 Cycle Computer
157.80 141.20