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With a proper bottle cage for your road bike or MTB, your bottle always remains in place, even when you're going fast in the woods or over the cobblestones. Which holder is the best for you depends on your type of use. We offer sturdy plastic bottle holders for the everyday touring rider as well as lightweight carbon bottle cages for cyclists who climb a lot.

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Tacx Ciro Bottle Holder

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Our top choice for a colourful, lightweight bottle holder
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Bontrager Bat Cage Bottle Holder

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With a bike bottle holder you will be riding just a bit more comfortably because you'll always have your bottles at hand. When you're cycling, it's important to hycrate adequately so that you don't dehydrate. This is why full bottles are an essential part of your cycling gear. You can choose to mount one or more bottle cages onto your bike. It is recommended to take several bottles when you go on longer tours, so in that case you will need more bottle cages.

How do I choose a bottle cage for my bike?

There are different types of bottle cages. We have bottle cages for mountain bikes and road bikes.There are cages with extra clamping power to keep your bottle securely in place. Side bottle cages are perfect for bikepacking or small frames. If you want to ride with as little weight as possible, you should opt for a lightweight bottle cage. If you prefer a very stury bottle holder, you should opt for the classic bottle cage.

How do I install a bottle cage on my bike?

A bottle cage is installed onto the frame tube using two bolts. Most bikes have this option and you can often install two bottle cages. To attach your bottle cage, you only need an Allen key. With extra adapters you can install bottle holders on different places on your bike.

What bottle cage material suits me?

Do you want to buy a bottle cage for your bicycle? Then consider the material. Carbon bottle cages are a good choice if you want a lightweight bottle cage. Aluminium is better if you want a sturdy cage. Most of the bottle cages are made of plastic. This material has good clamping power and is relatively lightweight. If you are looking for the most weight saving, a carbon bottle holder is perfect for you!

What brand of bottle cage should I choose?

We have bottle cages of different brands. They are all high-quality, so you will definitely be able to find a nice and sturdy bottle cage with us. The price of the bottle cage often depends on what material it is made of. Carbon bottle cages are more expensive than aluminum bottle cages regardless of the brand. We have various top brands in our range, such as: