Gazelle Esprit

The Gazelle Esprit is a series of modern and robust city bikes. The bike is equipped with LED lighting with an integrated headlight at the front and a parking light at the back. The Gazelle Esprit is available with 1, 3 or 7 speeds and in 4 different colours. The Gazelle Esprit has a lightweight frame and yet still has a robust appearance.
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Gazelle Esprit: the city bike that is practically indestructible! A sturdier cyclist than the Gazelle Esprit will therefore be hard to find. This city bike has a simplistic but well thought-out design and knows how to execute it to perfection. The Esprit range is therefore the robust, safe and price-friendly bike in the range of Gazelle.

Bulletproof design

Everything you want to see on a sturdy bike can be found on the Gazelle Esprit. For example, this city bike has a lighting set connected to the hub dynamo. Thereby, the headlight is protected by a metal casing and the rear light is placed slightly deeper under the luggage rack. As a result, the lights can hardly be broken. In addition, the sturdy aluminium frame features a strong carrier on which pannier bags can be mounted. The addition of low-maintenance components, such as the gear hubs and roller brakes, make this city bike almost maintenance-free.

Electric variant

The Gazelle Esprit is also available as an electric bike, giving you even more choice. The front-wheel motor has been in development for years and is made up of tried and tested technology. As a result, this motor offers good performance at a favourable price. Whether you want a city bike with 3 or 7 gears, or rather an electric version, you can go either way with the Esprit.