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Electric Bikes


Looking to buy an electric bike? Discover the boundless freedom of ebikes here at Mantel! Discover the ease and joy of effortless cycling with our range of high-end ebikes. Whether you're looking for a comfortable elektric bike with a central drive, a stylish electric electric fatbike, a robust electric mountain bike or a clearance ebike, we've got the best ebike for you! Cycling is a lot easier with pedal assist and you'll still feel fresh when arriving at your destination. Discover the future of cycling and go the extra mile with an ebike!

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Gazelle Ultimate C8+ HMB Electric Bike

RRP 3.799,-
From 3.429,-
Our choice of electric bike for commuting
Mantel's choice

Gazelle Paris C7 HMB Electric Bike

RRP 2.149,-
From 1.879,-
Our choice for the electric bike with the best price-performance ratio
Mantel's choice

Gazelle Chamonix C7 HMS Electric Bike

RRP 3.299,-
From 2.599,-
Our choice of electric city bike
Mantel's choice

Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 625 Electric Mountain Bike

RRP 2.799,-
Our choice of hardtail e-mountain bike
Mantel's choice

Urban Arrow Family Active Plus Electric Cargo Bike

RRP 5.299,-
Our choice for an electric cargo bike
Mantel's choice

Trek Allant+ 9 Electric Bike

RRP 4.999,-
Our choice of electric touring bike
Mantel's choice

Gazelle Avignon C8 HMB Electric Bike

RRP 4.099,-
From 3.879,-
Our choice for a comfortable electric weekend bike
Mantel's choice

Scott Strike eRide 930 Electric Mountain Bike

RRP 4.999,-
Our choice of a full suspension e-mountain bike
Mantel's choice

Trek District+ 6 Electric Bike

RRP 3.099,-
From 2.299,-

Sparta c-Grid Fit Electric Bike

RRP 2.499,-
From 2.229,-

Cortina E-Nite MM Electric Bike

RRP 2.549,-
From 2.199,-
Best tested in AD Bicycle Test 2023

Trek FX+ 2 Electric Hybrid Bike

RRP 2.299,-

Gazelle Easyflow HMS Electric Bike

RRP 2.999,-
From 2.779,-

Batavus Finez E-go Power Electric Bike

RRP 3.199,-
From 2.829,-

Trek District+ 2 Lowstep Electric Bike

RRP 2.899,-
Top Deal

Koga E-Nova Evo PT Electric Bike

RRP 3.699,-
From 2.979,-

Cortina E-U4 Transport RB7 ActiveLine MM Electric Bike

RRP 2.449,-
From 2.179,-
Cortina Spring Deal

Cortina E-Foss MM Electric Bike

RRP 2.249,-

Gazelle Eclipse C380 HMB Electric Bike

RRP 5.999,-
E-bike of the Year 2024

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Looking to buy an e-bike? Find out which is the best electric bike for you.

What is an electric bike?

Electric bikes are bicycles with pedal assistance. Thanks to the pedal assistance, you don't have to pedal as hard yourself and you can also easily reach a higher speed whenever you want. E-bikes are becoming more and more popular and are available in a wide range of categories. There is an electric bike for everyone, whether you are looking for an electric city bike for your daily commute or for a sporty bike for the weekends, such as an electric mountain bike.

Which electric bike suits me best?

Everyone uses his or her electric bike differently. It is therefore very important, when buying an electric bike, to consider the different types that are available. Where one cyclist only cycles through the city, the other wants to make long trips through the countryside. There are also e-bikes for fast commuter rides. Because there are so many options, it is important to ask yourself what you will be using your soon-to-be electric bike for. We have the following types of e-bikes in our range:

Which motor should you opt for on your e-bike?

When it comes to the motor on your e-bike, there are a number of things to keep in mind. The first is the position of the motor on your e-bike. You have the choice of an electric bike with a mid-drive motor or an e-bike with a front wheel motor. There are also differences when it comes to the brand and the power of the motor.

Why should I buy an electric bike with mid-drive motor?

The most popular e-bike category is electric city bikes. An electric bike with a mid-drive motor has the advantage that the centre of gravity is close to the ground. This makes for an extremely stable ride. Many electric bikes have a 'low entry frame', meaning that the design of the bike allows you to get on and off the bike very easily. Because this option has become very popular with both men and women, the difference between an electric bike for women and an electric bike for men has been eliminated completely, with only some excpetions. You can therefore always opt for an e-bike with a low entry frame.

Which battery do you need on your electric bike?

As for the battery position, you can choose between the battery in the frame, on the frame and under the rear carrier. The different positions have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is also wise to think about how far you want to be able to cycle on a single charge (the range of the e-bike).

Which electric bicycle brands do we sell?

Among our range, you will find the best e-bike brands, such as Gazelle, Cortina, Batavus and Cannondale. Are you looking for a new electric bike? Below you will find all brands of e-bikes from our assortment:

What does an electric bike weigh?

The weight of a pedelec can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the type of frame, the size of the frame, the quality of the parts and accessories, and the weight of the battery. In general, e-bikes weigh between 15 and 25 kg, but some models can be heavier or lighter. It is also important to remember that the bike's weight can also vary depending on the amount of accessories and luggage you take with you while riding. Do you have two full pannier bags on your e-bike? Then of course your bike will be heavier! If you are considering buying an electric bike, it is important to think about how you will use the bike and what weight best suits your needs.

How does an electric bike work?

An electric bike, also known as an e-bike, is a bike equipped with an electric motor that can assist the rider when pedalling. The motor is powered by a battery, which can simply be charged at home. The most well-known e-bike motors brand in our range is Bosch.
An e-bike's electric motor is often hidden in the frame or bottom bracket. When you pedal, the motor automatically turns on and adds power to the pedalling motion. The rider can choose how much pedal assistance they want, usually through a push button on the display or lever on the handlebars.
The battery of an electric bike can be charged in different ways, depending on the type of e-bike. Some e-bikes have a detachable battery that you can place in a charging station, while other e-bikes have a fixed battery that you have to plug directly into a wall socket.

How fast does an electric bike go?

The speed of an electric bike is determined by several factors, such as the size and power of the motor, the weight of the bike and rider, and the type of terrain the bike is used on.
In the Netherlands, the legislation for electric bikes is such that the maximum road speed is 25 km/h. This means that the e-bike's motor automatically shuts off when the bike's speed exceeds this limit. However, some e-bikes are capable of reaching speeds above 25 km/h, especially when riding uphill or on a well-paved path. However, it is important to remember that electric bike legislation can vary from country to country. For example, some countries have lower speed limits for e-bikes, while others have no speed limit. It is therefore wise to check the legislation for electric bikes before travelling with your e-bike.
To give you an idea of the average speed of an e-bike: an e-bike with a powerful motor and a good battery can reach an average speed of about 45 km/h on flat terrain, while an e-bike with a less powerful motor and a smaller battery can reach an average speed of about 30 km/h on flat terrain. Keep in mind, however, that these figures may vary depending on the specific features of the e-bike and the conditions under which it is used. The power of the motor is indicated by the Newton metre unit. We have e-bikes in our range ranging from 30Nm to 90Nm.

How long does an electric bike last?

The lifespan of an electric bike depends on several factors, such as the make and model of the bike, how often it is used, and how well it is maintained. In general, an electric bike lasts longer than a traditional bike because the motor and battery are less prone to wear and tear than the mechanical parts of a traditional bike.
On average, an electric bike can last from 5 to 15 years, depending on the amount of use and maintenance. It is important to do regular maintenance on your e-bike. It is also important to charge and store the battery according to the manufacturer's recommendations to prolong the battery life.
Keep in mind that the service life of an electric bike can also vary depending on its specific characteristics and the conditions under which it is used. An e-bike that is often used on tough terrains or that is not well maintained may need replacement sooner than one that is used on flat terrain and well maintained.

How long does it take to charge an electric bike?

The time it takes to charge the battery of an electric bike depends on the size of the battery and the charging capacity of the charging station. For most e-bikes, it takes about 4 to 8 hours to fully charge.
It is important to remember that the charging time of an electric bike battery can also vary depending on how often the bike is used and how far you cycle. An e-bike used often on tough terrains or travelling long distances may have a longer charging time than an electric bike used on flat terrain and travelling shorter distances.
It is recommended to charge and store your electric bike's battery according to the manufacturer's recommendations. This can help extend the battery's life. Please refer to the manufacturer's instructions for this!