At Mantel we want cyclists to get what they need in one go.  You do this by buying the best product at the best price. We select the best products by listening to our customers, employees and suppliers. We arrange the price by bypassing the middleman and keeping our price low so that you, the customer, get the best deal. In any case, one thing is key - we only produce products we want to use ourselves!
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Mantel Isotonic Sports Drink

From 9,68
Our choice for an isotonic sports drink
Mantel's choice

Mantel Bar Tape

Our choice for basic handlebar tape
Mantel's choice

Mantel Almond Sports Bar

RRP 4,06
From 3,84
Our choice for all-round energy bar
Mantel's choice

Mantel Pro Water Bottle

From 4,95
Our choice for a transparent bottle
Mantel's choice

Mantel Bio Bike Shampoo

From 9,95
Our choice for a clean bike
Mantel's choice

Mantel Drivetrain Cleaner

From 9,95
Our choice for a clean drivetrain
Mantel's choice

Mantel Chain Checker

Our choice for a chain checker
Mantel's choice

Mantel Brush Set - 3 pieces

RRP 24,93
From 22,50
Our choice for a brush set for your entire bike
Mantel's choice

Mantel Allen Key Set

Our choice for a complete Allen key set
Mantel's choice

Mantel Maintenance Pack

RRP 44,83
From 37,95
Our choice for a complete cleaning kit
Mantel's choice

Mantel Gift Card

From 10,-

Mantel R50 Carbon

RRP 25,-

Mantel Performance Cycling Socks

RRP 11,95
Summer solden

Mantel Teamwear LS Jersey

RRP 64,95

Mantel Classic Cycling Socks

RRP 9,95
Summer solden

Mantel Teamwear SS W Cycling Jersey

RRP 44,95

Mantel Teamwear W Jersey

RRP 54,95

Mantel Energy Chew Bar

From 4,81
Our choice as an alternative to the energy bar
Mantel's choice