Bike Repair Stands


A repair stand should not be missing if you do your own maintenance on your bike. With a repair stand, you can clean or maintain your bike at eye level without having to bend down. Whatever part you are working on, a repair stand makes maintaining your bike easier. So with a repair stand, it is just that little bit easier to cycle around, because your bike is always well maintained!

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Trivio Expert Bike Repair Stand

RRP 129,99
Our choice for a repair stand for minor maintenance
Mantel's choice

Park Tool PCS-10.3 Bike Repair Stand

RRP 359,-
Our choice for a repair stand for major maintenance
Mantel's choice

Trivio Pro Bike Repair Stand

RRP 109,99

Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic Bike Repair Stand

RRP 399,95
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Feedback Sports Sprint Bike Repair Stand

RRP 389,95
Our top choice for a high end bike repair stand with front fork mount
Mantel's choice

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Bike Repair Stand for bike maintenance

A bike repair stand makes every job on your bike a breeze. Tired of bending over while cleaning your bike? Tired of turning your bike upside down every time to clean it? Then you need a bike repair stand and for that you are at the right place.

How can you maintain your bike with a repair stand?

The big advantage of a bike reapair stand is the height at which the bike hangs. You no longer have to bend down or kneel to reach your bike's the wheels or the cassette, making every chore a lot more pleasant. You hang your bike in the clamp of the stand and make sure it is firmly secured in it. The clamps of most stands have a rubber finish that ensures your bike will not be damaged. Do you have a heavy maintenance job planned? Then choose a repair stand that you can clamp to the frame. Do you have a carbon frame? Then use a frame protector to be sure to avoid damage.

What types of bike repair stands are there?

There are different types of repair stands available. When choosing the right stand, you will need to consider what you will use it for. The maximum load weight, for example, is important. There are bike repair stands that can even carry a heavy electric bike. The best bike repair stands can carry bikes up to a weight of 38 kg. For road bikes and mountain bikes this is less important, as they don't weigh as much, especially if you have a carbon one. In almost all stands, you clamp the bike to the frame or seat post. There are also bike repair stands where the bike is fixed to the stand by its thru-axle or quick-release skewer. For minor maintenance on your bike, we recommend a Trivio repair stand and for major maintenance you will need a more expensive stand such as a Park Tool repair stand. Most bike repair stands are foldable, allowing you to easily store them in a shed without taking up too much space.