Bike GPS without navigation

A bike computer with GPS is perfect for everyone who wants to have access to data from a ride afterwards and on the road. One big advantage of a GPS bike computer is that you can connect several sensors without necessarily having to use a separate speed sensor. Most GPS bike computers can also be paired with your PC or smartphone to view and share your ride afterwards, on Strava, for example. If you also want to be able to navigate, you'll need a bike computer with navigation.
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GPS Bike Computers | Various brands & models

A GPS bike computer displays all kinds of information, such as distance and speed based on GPS. There are many different types of cycle computers, including the bike computer with GPS.

What does GPS do on a bike computer?

A GPS bike computer accurately determines your location based on an internal GPS sensor. As a result, you do not need a sensor to measure your speed. However, it is possible to connect a speed sensor and other sensors (such as a heart rate, power and cadence sensor) for a more precise measurement. Especially in wooded areas, it is recommended to use a speed sensor. You can, however, review the route and data of your ride afterwards with, for example, Strava or another training app.

What is the difference between a bike computer with GPS and a bike computer with navigation?

A bike navigation has the same capabilities as a bike computer with GPS, with the added ability to recreate pre-made routes with a map and turn-by-turn navigation on your screen. Some 'regular' bike computers with GPS do allow you to navigate. Instead of a map on your screen, you navigate on these kinds of bike computers with a simple arrow that you have to follow. It's not the most comprehensive navigation, but if you're really lost somewhere, at least you'll know which way to go.

What is the best GPS bike computer?

There are many different cycling computers with GPS on the market. For example, we sell a number of well-known brands, such as: Which GPS bike computer is best for you depends on your preferences and needs. For example, would you like a very simplistic bike computer GPS with navigation without a map? Then we recommend the Garmin Edge 130 Plus or the Bryton Rider 420 E. In addition, some bike computers with GPS also include sensors. Take a look at our product range to find the GPS bike computer that suits you best.