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Discover the ultimate convenience on two wheels with electric fatbikes - the perfect combination of comfort and stability. This eco-friendly transport solution offers a modern and stylish look, making it a pleasure to bike around. E-fatbikes are not only comfortable but also super stable, making them ideal for both urban and unpaved adventures. They often accommodate two people and with the unique one-size design, they are perfectly adaptable to any rider. Experience the freedom of sustainable mobility and explore the environment in a whole new way with the best fatbikes.

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Discover the freedom and comfort of an electric fatbike

Are you ready to explore your surroundings on two wheels with a powerful boost? Electric fatbikes are the ultimate means of transport for people looking for fun, speed and comfort, whatever the terrain. Plus it's also a lot more sustainable and environmentally friendly than, say, the car. Find out everything you need to know about fatbikes here!

What is a fatbike?

A fatbike is a type of bike that stands out for its wide tyres, designed to ride on terrains where traditional bikes would struggle. What makes these bikes unique are the extremely wide fatbike tyres that range from 3.8 to 5 inches or even more. These wide tyres allow for more contact with the ground, so fatbikes offer excellent grip and stability. So the name 'fatbike' comes mainly from the wide and thick tyres.

Although fatbikes were originally designed as mountain bikes for winter conditions, there are now also electric fatbikes on the market equipped with electric motors for extra pedal assistance as a replacement for your everyday bike.

How fast is an electric fatbike allowed in the Netherlands?

The maximum speed of a pedal-assisted electric bike is determined by legislation and is set at 25 kilometres per hour. This means that pedal assistance stops as soon as the bike reaches this speed. You can therefore go faster than 25 km/h with an electric fatbike, but you will have to pedal yourself without assi stance. Also, so-called 'throttles' are prohibited in the Netherlands. So the fatbike is not allowed to accelerate without pedalling yourself, because then it is considered an electric scooter.

What is the battery range of an electric fatbike?

Don't let distance hold you back. With a powerful battery, you can cover up to 100 kilometres on a single charge, so you can effortlessly go on longer tours or use the fatbike for several days in a row without recharging the battery.

Which brand has the best fatbike?

Ontdek de topklasse van fatbikes met A-merken zoals Knaap and Phatfour. Discover the top class of fatbikes with A-brands such as Knaap and Phatfour. These brands are known for their innovation and quality, excelling in the field of electric fatbikes. With these reliable brands, you will enjoy a ride full of comfort and adventure with the best fatbikes on the market.

How do I maintain an electric fatbike?

Keep your ride smooth with regular maintenance. Check the tyre pressure, lubricate the chain and make sure the brakes are in top condition. This will keep your fatbike in optimal condition for all your daily rides and adventures.

What accessories can go on my electric fatbike?

Personalise your ride with handy fatbike accessories such as a backrest, luggage rack, lock and alarm. Prepare your fatbike for any situation and make it completely unique.

Are electric fatbikes legal in the Netherlands and what about insurance?

Don't worry, electric fatbikes are legal in the Netherlands provided they meet the legal requirements: a maximum pedal assistance of 25 km/h and a motor power of up to 250 watts. Furthermore, an electric fatbike must be powered by pedalling itself; the use of a throttle is not allowed. Mantel only sells legal fatbikes, so you're always right with that!

Fatbikes cannot be insured through Mantel, as we work with ANWB/Unigarant and they do not offer this. Unfortunately, so many fatbikes are stolen these days that it is very difficult to insure them. It is expected that it won't be long before fatbikes get their own special policy or conditions, as has recently been the case for electric cargo bikes.

How do I secure my fatbike?

Protect your bike with a special lock for fatbikes and consider a GPS tracker for extra peace of mind. That way, your electric fatbike is always safely parked.

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