Electric Family Bikes

An electric mother's bike makes your cycling trips just that little bit more comfortable. With an electric mother's bike you have more space for your children, because you can easily install a front seat as well as a rear seat. When you are travelling with two children, you can use some extra pedalling support, which is why an electric mother's bike is perfect! Are you looking for a safe, comfortable and beautiful electric mother's bike? Then take a look at our assortment! 
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What are electric family bikes?

Electric family bikes make family life easier. They are a variant of the traditional electric bike, esigned to meet the needs of modern families. These bikes combine the familiar aspects of a pedelec with features that make daily life easier for parents and carers. An electric mother's bike is distinguished mainly by its frame design.

Frame design

In fact, one of the most distinctive features of an electric family bike is its specific frame design aimed at stability and carrying heavier loads. The frame is typically longer and lower than that of a standard bike, which allows for a lower centre of gravity, a lower step-in and more space for luggage, child seats and other accessories. This allows parents and carers to easily carry their children along with groceries or other necessities.

Number of gears

To increase the versatility of electric family bikes, they are often equipped with 7 or 8 gears. This allows the bike to adapt to different conditions and speeds. Parents can smoothly shift between gears to cycle comfortably, even when carrying a load with extra weight.

Space for children and luggage

A crucial aspect of a family electric bike is the space designed to carry children and luggage. These bikes can be equipped with child seats that provide safety and comfort for children while cycling. Moreover, there is usually enough space for shopping bags, school bags and other necessities, making them ideal for everyday activities.

Handlebar lock

Also useful is handlebar lock. This locks your handlebars in place, keeping them in position. This prevents your handlebars from spinning, potentially causing the bike to fall over. Moreover, most family bikes have a double stand. This too prevents your bike from falling over.

Advantages of electric family bikes

Electric family bikes have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. They offer a range of benefits that make parents' lives significantly easier and better. Thanks to your family bike, will you soon leave the car at home more often?


In comparison to the car, one of the most notable advantages of electric family bikes is their environmental friendliness. By opting for a family electric bike instead of a car for short trips, you are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

Cost savings

Using a family electric bike can bring significant cost savings compared to a car. You save on fuel, parking costs, maintenance and insurance.

Health benefits

Cycling is an excellent form of exercise, and an electric family bike allows you to cover longer distances without too much effort. This can contribute to a more active lifestyle for you and your family. Moreover, cycling with children is a great way to spend quality time and promote health awareness in your children.

Brands with electric family bikes

At Mantel, you will find several brands with electric mother bikes in their range. Currently, they are: Popular electric family bikes include: These bikes are appreciated for their excellent design and easy handling, making them ideal for parents who want to easily transport their children and luggage. The Cortina E-U4 Transport Family is known for its sturdy frame and spacious carrier, perfect for carrying groceries or fitting child seats. The Cortina E-Common Family offers a comfortable ride and stylish design, while the Gazelle Bloom C380 impresses with its high-quality finish. Designed with the modern family in mind, these bikes offer a combination of electric pedal assistance, stability and versatility for everyday activities.

Test drive electric family bike

Curious about our electric family bikes? Come test ride one in one of our stores. You will find our superstores in:
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