Bike Mudguards

With mudguards, you and your bike get much less wet and dirty than without them. Mudguards, or fenders, come in many shapes and sizes. Some must be screwed on, others come with mounting straps or clamps. There are road bike specific and MTB specific mudguards. Mudguards can be purchased as a set or as individual front or rear items. We also offer very small and simple models. Are you fed up with dirt all over your bike and cycling clothes? Get mudguards for a carefree ride through rain and mud! 
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SKS Raceblade Pro XL Mudguard Set

RRP 39,99
Our choice for a mudguard set for cyclocrossers, gravel bikes and road bikes
Mantel's choice

SKS S-Guard Rear Mudguard

From 9,99
Our choice for a rear mudguard for the saddle
Mantel's choice

SKS X-tra-Dry & Mud-X Mudguard Set

RRP 19,99
Our choice for a mudguard set for the mountain bike
Mantel's choice

SKS X-Blade Rear Mudguard

RRP 24,99
From 22,95

SKS Flap Guard Front

RRP 9,99

SKS Mudrocker Rear Mudguard

RRP 34,99
From 27,95

SKS Mud-X Front Mudguard

RRP 7,99

Topeak DeFender XC11 29''

RRP 34,99

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Bike Mudguards - Road & Mountain Bike Mudguards

Where can I mount a mudguard?

With a mudguard, you cycle drier and cleaner. If you are looking for a mudguard, it is important to determine where you want to mount your mudguard. We have front mudguards, rear mudguards and mudguard sets. Once you know whether you want a front, rear or both mudguards, you can make your choice.

Do I need a special mudguard for my type of bike?

There are different types of mudguards for each type of bike. There are specific MTB mudguards, road bike mudguards and gravel bike mudguards. A mountain bike mudguard is often wider so that it stops dirt, mud and water splashing from the wide MTB tyres. A road bike mudguard is lighter and narrower. In addition, it is important to check whether the mudguard fits your type of frame. Do you want to be sure to make the right choice? Use our mudguard selection guide!

How can I best mount my mudguards?

How you mount your mudguards is just how you like it! You can choose to buy a quick-release mounting mudguards, which are easy to mount and demount. The advantage of these mudguards is that you can easily decide before each ride whether you want to use them or not. You can also opt for fixed mudguards. A fixed mounting of your mudguards is more durable and solid. The only disadvantage is that you can't easily remove them from your road, MTB or gravel bike.

What else do I need to consider when shopping for mudguards for my bike?

It is also very important to buy mudguards that fit the wheel size of your bike. If, for example, you have 27.5 inch wheels, then you must also buy a 27.5 inch mudguard. Otherwise, your mudguards simply won't fit on your bike.