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Tacx trainers are used by many road cyclists and mountain bikers, and not just as a fun way to get through the winter with, for example, Zwift or the Tacx Desktop App. All Tacx turbo trainers are also suitable for warming up your muscles before a race or bike ride, or cooling down afterwards. Tacx offers a wide range of smart trainers that are compatible with Zwift. And Tacx also offers roller trainers and classic cycle trainers. There are Tacx trainers for cyclists of any level. So, whether you are new to (indoor) cycling and keen to get fitter, or an avid, experienced cyclist who wants to keep in shape, a Tacx bike trainer is always a great choice.
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Tacx trainers

Tacx trainers are the most popular indoor trainers at the moment. Tacx has smart indoor trainers, rollers and classic indoor trainers. Especially the Tacx smart trainers, in combination with Zwift or the Tacx Desktop App, are very popular with many cyclists and mountain bikers.

Popular Tacx bicycle trainers

There is a lot of choice with all the different models of Tacx indoor trainers. The smart indoor trainers have now completely overtaken the rollers and classic indoor trainers in terms of popularity. The reason for this is that you can connect a smart Tacx trainer to Zwift or Tacx Desktop App. This turns your bike trainer into an interactive indoor trainer in combination with your computer or smartphone. Your computer or smartphone can then automatically adjust the resistance of your smart trainer. With the Tacx Desktop App you can cycle in realistic landscapes that you can download as a video.

Tacx trainers for Zwift

Zwift is currently the most popular way to use your interactive bike trainer. If you have a Tacx Smart trainer then the virtual landscape of Zwift is used to automatically adjust the resistance of your bike trainer. The most popular smart trainers at the moment are the Tacx Neo 2T, Tacx Flux S, Tacx Flux 2, Tacx Boost and the Tacx Flow Smart.

What are the differences between the Tacx trainers?

Tacx trainers are available for every budget. Tacx's more affordable indoor trainers do not have the option of interactive cycling. You can adjust the resistance yourself, but it is less suitable if you want to cycle interactively. The Tacx Smart Trainers are available in two models. First of all, you have the Tacx Trainers with a roller. The rear wheel of your road bike or mountain bike sits on a roller and is secured in the Tacx Trainer with a quick release axle or a special thru axle adapter. The resistance of the roller can be adjusted automatically with this type of Tacx Trainer. The advantage of bicycle trainers with a roller is that they are relatively inexpensive. The disadvantage is that in some cases the rear wheel can slip if a lot of force is exerted on it, and you also need a Tacx training tyre for your rear wheel. A Tacx trainer tyre is necessary because an ordinary bicycle rear tire cannot handle the heat caused by the friction and is therefore much more likely to slip. A bicycle trainer with a roller often also makes more noise than a direct drive bicycle trainer.

Tacx indoor trainers with Direct Drive

Tacx Direct Drive trainers do not have a roller. With a direct drive trainer you have to remove your rear wheel from your bike and the back of your bike gets fitted onto the bike trainer itself. There is a cassette on it that provides the resistance. The advantage of a Tacx Trainer with Direct Drive is that they are more precise. You also don't need a trainer tyre and most Direct Drive trainers from Tacx can simulate a higher gradient than the regular smart trainers with a roller. The disadvantage of a Tacx Trainer with Direct Drive is that they are heavier and therefore less easy to carry. They are also slightly more expensive. You don't have to buy a separate training tyre, but you do need another cassette to put on the trainer.

More Tacx

Did you know that Tacx makes more than just bicycle trainers? They also have good bike tools such as wheel straighteners and a torque wrench. The Tacx water bottles are also popular with many cyclists.