Tacx trainers are used by many road cyclists and mountain bikers, and not just as a fun way to get through the winter with, for example, Zwift or the Tacx Desktop App. All Tacx turbo trainers are also suitable for warming up your muscles before a race or bike ride, or cooling down afterwards. Tacx offers a wide range of smart trainers that are compatible with Zwift. And Tacx also offers roller trainers and classic cycle trainers. There are Tacx trainers for cyclists of any level. So, whether you are new to (indoor) cycling and keen to get fitter, or an avid, experienced cyclist who wants to keep in shape, a Tacx bike trainer is always a great choice.
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Tacx Ciro Bottle Holder

RRP 18,29
From 14,18

Tacx Deva Bottle Cage

RRP 15,24
From 14,22

Tacx T4875 Multi Tool

RRP 30,90

Tacx Galaxia T1100 Roller

RRP 253,12
Our choice for a top-of-the-range bike roller

Tacx Shanti Bio Water Bottle

From 6,20
Green choice

Tacx Neo Motion Plate

RRP 304,95