CyclOn Brake Cleaner Plant-Based

CyclOn Brake Cleaner Plant-Based
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Green choice

Green choice

As a cyclist you're already well on your way to reducing your ecological footprint. But not all bike products are good for the environment. We're happy to give you a helping hand in making a green(er) choice. A special selection of products which are, for example, made from recycled materials, have a beter production process, or are biodegrable. Do your part for green cycling!



Cyclon introduces the brand new Plant-Based Brake Cleaner. This plant-based brake cleaner is specially designed to clean and degrease your brake discs, keeping them in top condition. Using this cleaner will prevent squeaking and optimise your braking performance.

A high quality plant-based product line
CyclOn has been producing biodegradable products since 1990, but the new plant-based line is a real game changer! The products in this line contain no aerosols and all raw materials come from the Netherlands, keeping the chain short. The plant-based products are completely organic and therefore leave no toxic residues to preserve nature in the best possible way!

User tips

• Step 1: Spray CyclOn Brake Cleaner Plant-Based on a clean cloth;
• Step 2: Clean the brake disc thoroughly with this cloth. This will prevent the Brake Cleaner from being sprayed on your frame;
• Step 3: With the wheel off, you can also clean the brake pads by spraying Brake Cleaner from a short distance directly into the caliper and onto the pads.

This brake cleaner leaves no residue, so parts can be used immediately after treatment with CyclOn Brake Cleaner Plant-Based.
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