Thule car bike racks are the most popular racks available. Thule has towbar bike racks, rear mounted bike racks and roof mounted bike racks. Keep in mind the weight for transporting city bikes and e-bikes. There's also specifick car bike racks suited for road bikes and mountain bikes. Car bike racks also come in versions for 2, 3, or even 4 bicycles. Depending on your situation, Thule has the ideal car bike rack. In addition, Thule produces child seats and bike trailers, all with the quality and safety you'd expect from Thule.

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Thule EasyFold XT 2 933 Bike Carrier

RRP 919,95
Our choice of electric bike carrier
Mantel's choice

Thule Yepp 2 Maxi Rear Child Seat

RRP 139,95
From 104,99
Our choice for a bike seat with five-point harness
Mantel's choice

Thule Epos 2 978

From 1.119,95
Our choice for a top-class bike rack
Mantel's choice

Thule Coaster XT Bike Trailer

RRP 399,95
Top Deal

Thule Velocompact 3 926 Car Bike Rack

RRP 725,45
From 589,-
Holiday pay deals

Thule Shield Pannier

RRP 99,95

Thule Courier 2

RRP 699,-

Thule Yepp Wind Shield

RRP 44,95

Thule VeloSpace XT 2 938 Bike Carrier

RRP 799,95
Holiday pay deals

Thule Epos 3

From 1.219,95

Thule Yepp Sleeping Roll

RRP 24,95
From 19,95

Thule Loading Ramp 9152

RRP 59,95

Thule Storage Bag 9311

RRP 44,95

Thule Wall Hanger 9771

RRP 59,95

Thule Bike Racks | Roof, towbar & tailgate mount

Thule bike carriers are ideal if you want to take one or more bikes when your travelling by car. You can opt for a tow bar bike carrier, a rear door carrier, or even a roof rack. With Thule bike carriers, you can carry up to 4 large bikes at the same time. Most Thule bike carriers are suitable for all types of bikes, from heavy electric bikes to mountain bikes and road bikes. This way, you can always take your bikes with you for a day out or on a longer trip.

Thule bike carriers

There are Thule bike carriers for any kind of bike. Whether you need to transport 1 bike or 4 bikes, with the best Thule bike carriers you can do it with ease. Thanks to the many accessories available, you can easily and quickly adjust Thule bike carriers to carry more bikes. An extra wide wheel tray for mountain bikes or even fatbikes. Do you have a carbon bike frame? Thule has the right materials to transport it safely.

Thule child bike seats

Thule is also known for its high quality bicycle seats for babies and children. You can mount them onto your bike quickly and easily. Thule has bike seats for the front, but also rear seats for older children.With extras like the windshield or the comfortable sleeping roll, you can turn any Thule bike seat into a small and safe paradise.

Thule bike trailers

Thule also has handy bike trailers for the little ones. These trailers are not only good for transporting small children, they are also very suitable for dogs. Is your baby still too small to sit up by itself? Just install the optional baby sling. This will keep even the smallest baby safe in your Thule bike trailer.