CyclOn Plant-Based Chain Wax

CyclOn Plant-Based Chain Wax
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Green choice

Green choice

As a cyclist you're already well on your way to reducing your ecological footprint. But not all bike products are good for the environment. We're happy to give you a helping hand in making a green(er) choice. A special selection of products which are, for example, made from recycled materials, have a beter production process, or are biodegrable. Do your part for green cycling!

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • This chain wax ensures good lubrication under all conditions and is suitable for all types of bikes.
  • The chain wax penetrates deep into links and attracts less dirt than a chain oil!
  • The dropper bottle makes it easy to apply the wax to the chain.
  • Completely plant-based and therefore the most environmentally conscious choice!
  • For efficient and long-lasting action, it is important to clean your chain very well before applying the wax.



Use in
All conditions
Type of wax
Drip wax
Lubricant Type
125 ml



CyclOn introduces the brand new Plant-Based Chain Wax! A plant-based wax, suitable for all weather conditions and all types of bikes! With the handy dropper bottle, you easily lubricate your drivetrain, protecting your parts from wear and rust! This vegetable-based liquid penetrates deep into the chain links, ensuring optimal shifting performance and low friction!

Wax as a replacement for oil
A wax attracts less dirt than a chain oil, so less dirt will stick to your chain and you will have to clean and re-lubricate your chain less often. In addition, wax reduces noise while shifting compared to chain oil.

A high-quality plant-based product line
CyclOn has been producing biodegradable products since 1990, but the new plant-based line is a real game changer! The products in this line contain no aerosols and all raw materials come from the Netherlands, keeping the chain short. The plant-based products are completely organic and therefore leave no toxic residues to preserve nature in the best possible way!


• Expels moisture and therefore protects against corrosion
• Remains effective at both high and low temperatures
• Is easy to dose by means of a handy dropper bottle
• Reduces friction and therefore wear to a minimum, extends the life of your bicycle parts
• Is suitable for normal weather conditions
• Increases smoothness while shifting gears
• Completely plant-based and therefore made from organic material.

User tips

• Step 1: Thoroughly clean and degrese your drivetrain before lubricating your chain.
• Step 2: Drizzle wax onto each link on the inside of your chain and then allow to dry for 5 minutes.
• Step 3: Now apply a second coat of chain wax to the outside of your bike chain.
• Step 4: Let the wax harden before riding your bike. Check the packaging for the minimum amount of time you need to let the wax cure.
• Step 5: You can now hit the road with a clean and smooth-running drivetrain. Go ride your bike!
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