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Gazelle Electric Bikes

Gazelle electric bike give you an extra helping hand. Everyone in the Netherlands knows Gazelle: Gazelle bicycles stand for quality that will keep you cycling for years to come. Many Gazelle city bikes have an e-bike version, such as the popular Gazelle Orange series. Gazelle also makes fast electric bicycles for commuters, better known as speed pedelecs, which can pass traffic jams at 45 km/h. Do you want to buy a reliable electric bike? With a Gazelle e bike, you're in the right place!
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Gazelle Ultimate C8+ HMB Electric Bike

RRP 3.799,-
From 3.429,-
Our choice of electric bike for commuting
Mantel's choice

Gazelle Paris C7 HMB Electric Bike

RRP 2.149,-
From 1.879,-
Our choice for the electric bike with the best price-performance ratio
Mantel's choice

Gazelle Chamonix C7 HMS Electric Bike

RRP 3.299,-
From 2.599,-
Our choice of electric city bike
Mantel's choice

Gazelle Avignon C8 HMB Electric Bike

RRP 4.099,-
From 3.879,-
Our choice for a comfortable electric weekend bike
Mantel's choice

Gazelle Easyflow HMS Electric Bike

RRP 2.999,-
From 2.779,-

Gazelle Paris C7+ HMB Electric Bike

RRP 2.449,-
From 2.149,-

Gazelle Orange C8 HMB Electric Bike

RRP 3.099,-
From 2.729,-

Gazelle Eclipse C380 HMB Electric Bike

RRP 5.999,-
E-bike of the Year 2024

Gazelle Paris C7+ HMB Electric Bike

RRP 2.699,-
From 2.539,-

Gazelle Orange C7+ HMB Electric Bike

RRP 2.899,-
From 2.649,-

Gazelle Grenoble C7+ HMB Electric Bike

RRP 2.999,-
From 2.679,-

Gazelle Chamonix T10 HMS Electric Bike

RRP 3.299,-
From 2.929,-

Gazelle Avignon C8 HMB Connect Electric Bike

RRP 3.999,-
From 2.999,-
Top Deal

Gazelle Chamonix C5 HMS Electric Bike

RRP 3.599,-
From 3.209,-

Gazelle Makki Travel Electric Cargo Bike

RRP 6.699,-
From 6.365,-

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Gazelle e bikes - view the collection

Discover the freedom of effortless cycling with Gazelle e-bikes. Gazelle electric bikes combine Dutch craftsmanship with advanced technology, allowing you to cycle smoothly and comfortably, even against the wind. Experience the convenience of electric assistance and explore your surroundings on a Gazelle e-bike.

The best Gazelle e-bikes of 2023

Again in 2023, Gazelle has a wide range with choice for everyone. For instance, Gazelle offers special electric bikes for women, which in practice just means they have a low step-up. With most models, they offer the convenience and reliability of mid-motor e-bikes. Furthermore, all models focus on everyday convenience and comfort, allowing you to step off your bike relaxed every time.

The Gazelle Orange electric bike offers effortless elegance, perfect for relaxed rides around town, while the Gazelle Paris electric bike combines performance and class for smooth city explorations. For adventures in the great outdoors, the Gazelle Grenoble electric bike offers power and versatility.

For those seeking ultimate comfort, there is the Gazelle Ultimate e-bike and for long trips, there is the Gazelle Grenoble. The Gazelle Esprit electric bike adds a touch of elegance to your travels. Mothers will love the practical and stylish Gazelle Bloom electric family bike. And for transporting all your stuff, there's the Gazelle Makki Load electric cargo bike. Choose the Gazelle e bike that meets all your needs, whether you're whizzing around town, exploring nature or running your daily errands.

The most popular Gazelle ebikes at a glance::

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Curious about how Gazelle electric bikes ride? Come test ride in one of our Superstores. You will find our bike stores in:

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