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Electric Bike Selection Guide

Electric Bike Selection Guide

Electric Bikes Women

An electric bike for women has an adapted frame with a low entry, which makes getting on and off the bike a lot easier. With an e-bike for women, cycling is much easier thanks to the electric pedal assistance. With a ladies e-bike, it is important to look at the power of the motor, the range, the position of the motor and much more. Do you want to make the right choice for an electric bicycle for women? Then check out our selection guide!
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Gazelle Esprit HFB Electric Bike

From 1.649,-
RRP 1.999,-

Gazelle Orange C7+ HMB Electric Bike

From 2.329,-
RRP 2.599,-

Flyer Gotour 6 3.40 Electric Bike

RRP 3.649,-
Winter Sale

Gazelle Paris C7 HMB Electric Bike

From 1.929,-
RRP 2.149,-

Cortina E-Foss MM Electric Bike

From 1.599,-
RRP 2.249,-
Winter Sale

Koga E-Nova Evo PT Pro Electric Bike

From 4.499,-
RRP 4.599,-

Koga E-Nova Evo Electric Bike

From 2.849,-
RRP 3.499,-
Winter Sale

Cortina E-Common MM300 Electric Bike

RRP 2.399,-
Winter Sale

Cortina E-U1 RB3 Electric Bike

From 1.429,-
RRP 1.589,-

Cannondale Adventure Neo 2 EQ

RRP 3.399,-
Winter Sale

Gazelle Chamonix C7 HMS Electric Bike

From 2.949,-
RRP 3.299,-

Trek District+ 6 400Wh Electric Bike

RRP 3.099,-
Winter Sale

Pegasus Siena E7F Plus Belt 2022 Electric Bike

From 2.399,-
RRP 2.949,-
Winter Sale

Cortina E-U4 Transport 7V RB

From 2.079,-
RRP 2.399,-

Batavus Dinsdag E-go Sport

From 2.469,-
RRP 2.749,-

Gazelle Avignon C8 HMB

RRP 3.999,-

Pegasus Siena E7F Plus 2022 Electric Bike

From 2.299,-
RRP 2.749,-
Winter Sale

Sparta c-Grid Ultra Ltd Electric Bike

From 3.349,-
RRP 3.699,-

Koga E-Nova Electric Bike

From 2.699,-
RRP 2.999,-

Pegasus Solero EVO 9

RRP 2.949,-
Winter Sale

Gazelle Orange C8 HMB

From 2.549,-
RRP 2.849,-

Pegasus Siena E7F Plus Electric Bike

From 2.299,-
RRP 2.649,-

Batavus Finez E-go Power

From 3.049,-
RRP 3.399,-

Cortina E-U4 Transport Family M300

From 2.099,-
RRP 2.349,-

Koga E-Nova Electric Bike

From 2.599,-
RRP 2.999,-

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Electric bikes for women usually have a frame with a lower entry. Many bike manufacturers offer models for ladies. The following brands have a wide range for ladies:

What types of electric bikes for women are there?

Every woman uses her electric bike differently, so it is very important to consider the different types of e-bikes available when buying an electric bike. Different reasons for an electric bike are: to get from A to B faster, pedal assistance to cycle uphill, cover longer distances, carry more luggage, health reasons that make cycling with a regular bike impossible.
Depending on the reason, there are different types of e-bikes you can consider:

What is the best women's electric bike?

Are you looking for the best electric bike? In this blog you can read all about the best e-bikes from our 2022 collection.

What does a women's electric bike cost?

Women's bikes come in different price ranges. That does not mean that the cheaper bikes you find with us are not of good quality. In cheaper e-bikes, however, the components are often less durable. Also, the display and frame are often just a bit simpler. The more you spend, the more advance the technology becomes. One thing is certain: you will always buy a good quality e-bike from us. Prices for an electric bike vary between €1500 and €7000.

Can I test ride a women's electric bike?

Of course you can come to Mantel to test ride on one of our women's bikes. Before visiting us though, please do check whether the bike is available in your nearest Superstore. To test ride, you can visit the Superstores below:

Use our electric bike selection guide

Want to buy an e-bike, but still can't quite decide? Then check out our online Selection Guide. Of course, for the best advice, you can always visit one of our Superstores.